The rise of the Hijabista

Tips to add spunk to your hijabi look.

Sidrah Moiz November 19, 2012

Gone are the days when hijabis were social outcasts. When FMCG giants start considering you a prominent group in the market and a hijabi becomes the MP of a European state, you know you have arrived. Here are some tips to add spunk to your hijabi look. 

Tips that can add an instant zing to your hijabi look:

1.  Put a huge blinged-out hairpin to secure your scarf. You can get your hands on pins in the shape of dragons, owls, and flowers.

2.  Make a bun on top of your head to hold up your scarf. If you like it voluminous, place a big flower clip on your bun and then drape your scarf over it, to pull off the Arabian hijab look.

3.  Layering is all the rage these days which is a god send for the covered-up fashionista. Not only does it make an ensemble interesting, it makes staying covered up while looking stylish that much easier. When you wrap your hijab, hold your scarf near the forehead between two fingers of both your hand and twist and turn it to make pleats. Repeat to add more layers.

4.  Mix and match: do not stick to one style of scarf. Try different patterns, colours and prints. Matching a hijab can be a real hassle, so try pairing your plain kameezes or tees with a patterned scarf and vice versa. Colour blocking is a good trend to follow when carrying the hijab.

5.  Wear contrasting colours and challenge your aesthetics. Pair neutrals with bright-coloured hijabs and you will be surprised how perfectly everything falls in place.

6.  Shawl we or shawl we not? With winter round the corner, dig out those pashmina stoles to keep you warm and cover you up.

7.  Accessorise: what would a cake be without a cherry on top? An ensemble is always incomplete without accessories. Bracelets, watches and rings are the way to go when wearing a hijab, but carrying necklaces and pendants can be tricky. You can place your pendant over your scarf’s layers. Long necklaces can also look very elegant with a scarf.

8.  Brooches add bling to your look, and also prove to be great when it comes to tucking your hijab. So when you spread your scarf to cover your chest, pin a brooch right below your shoulder to keep it in place.

9.  Colourise: The market is brimming with what are known as ‘underscarves’ — those caps worn under your scarf which ensure that the hair stays inside the hijab. So pair your hijabs with a different coloured underscarf and play around with colours.

10. Don’t stop yourself from picking up that pretty looking sleeveless or backless dress/tee from the rack because you can always cover up with undershirts or capes.

Hijab don’ts:

1. When accessorising, be wary of how you wear those dangly earrings. Don’t pull out your ears completely out of your hijab or else you will end up looking like Mickey Mouse or Dumbo the Elephant!

2. Discard those net scarves, they look nothing but downright disgusting. You don’t want to end up looking tacky with that!

3. Avoid pinning your scarves with nappy pins. They’re just not right. Avoid pinning it with hair slides, too, however they can be useful in holding together your scarf while layering your hijab.

4. Wearing half sleeves with hijab is like wearing a dress jacket with shorts! Please keep the disparity from spoiling the purpose of your hijab.

5. Keep it minimal: don’t overdo your makeup when you don a hijab, keep it simple.

Published in The Express Tribune, Ms T, November 18th, 2012.

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maryam zahoor | 10 years ago | Reply @Saima Bilal, If women in hijab are sex objects, what are women in bikinis? Saints?
Parvez | 10 years ago | Reply

@Saima Bilal: You have the right to have issues, especially as they are the right issues. Many feel that you are wrong but then how does one know that they are right. Common sense tells me that the key factor here is modesty for the female sadly because the male in Pakistan is exempt from the ' teachings ' as he is unable to ' lower his gaze ' - its a sickness.

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