Rumours of delay in elections baseless: Naek

Minister says assembly’s tenure will end on March 16, 2013 and general elections will be held two months after that.

Web Desk November 13, 2012

ISLAMABAD: Federal Law Minister Farooq H Naek has stated that the general elections will be held on time and the rumours regarding a delay are baseless, reported Express News on Tuesday.

Naek was speaking to the media after meeting Chief Election Commissioner (CEC) Fakhruddin G Ebrahim in Islamabad. The minister said the assembly’s tenure will end on March 16, 2013 and the general elections will be held two months after that.

He added that the elections will be held on their specific time and the assembly will be dissolved on the prime minister’s advice, according to the Constitution. It is the constitutional right of President Asif Ali Zardari to announce the polling date, he further said.

The minister also said that no date for elections has been fixed yet, however, if the assembly is dissolved before March 16, 2013, then the elections will have to be held in three months.

He added that the government wants to hold elections in national and provincial assemblies at the same time.

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Dr.A. K.Tewari | 8 years ago | Reply

Election and democratic set up is the best way of governance of a heterogenous society . Pakistan is a muslim dominated country but can never be an Islamic country since Shariya can never be law of the land in this ever changing world . Muslim may choose to remain static but country as such can never remain static in an interdependent world and therefore secular law and secular governance is a must to hold a federation intact . Though it remour at present but can be a reality because peace is a prerequisite to hold a reliable election . Elimination of terrosists and illeagal arms from the society is a must to hold the election in time . And hence..........?

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