Pakistan going through critical phase: Kayani

Any effort which draws a wedge between people and the armed forces undermines national interest, says Army Chief.

Web Desk November 05, 2012

Chief of Army Staff (COAS) General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani has said that Pakistan, as a nation, is passing through a critical phase, quoted a press release by Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) on Monday.

Speaking to a group of officers at the General Headquarters (GHQ), Kayani said, “We are critically looking at the mistakes made in the past and are trying to set the course for a better future.”

He maintained that no individual or institution has the right to decide what is right or wrong when it comes to defining the ultimate national interest.

“It should emerge only through a consensus, and all Pakistanis have the right to express their opinions. The Constitution provides a clear mechanism for it.”

He said that while individual mistakes might have been made by everyone in the country, these should be left to the due process of law, and the fundamental principle of “not guilty until proven” should not be forgotten.

The army chief said that the nation should learn from the past, try to build the present and aim for a better future. “We all agree that strengthening the institutions, ensuring the rule of law and working within the well defined bounds of the Constitution is the right way forward. Weakening of the institutions and trying to assume more than one’s due role will set us back.”

Calling for public support for the armed forces, Kayani said that national security was meaningless without public support, and any effort which draws a wedge between the people and the armed forces undermines the larger national interest.

“While constructive criticism is well understood, conspiracy theories based on rumours which create doubts about the very intent, are unacceptable,” he added.


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Hamid Hassan Khan | 8 years ago | Reply No Blame on Army...and plz dont blame Pakistani Army they are fighting against terrorists, day and night also against the elements who are trying to destroy the Pakistan. If there is corruption in some Departments, courts are dealing with... To control the internal corruption and crimes it is not necessary to call the Army every time. Let them do their duties of Borders.

Hamid Hassan Khan

SBK | 8 years ago | Reply @malik hamza: Hamzasahib, it is unfortunate that there is not much worth writing positively about Pakistani Army which has yet to win a single war! Its courage and valour is seen only when they cow down unarmed and weak Pakistani awam! They can't take out even the militants in their own country! So why crib when everybody criticizes the top brass. I think the Pakistani soldiers are brave and good in their job, it is the top brass that is spoiled and have forgotten their trade to wage a war.
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