More death, more disaster

Published: September 3, 2010

For the fourth time this year, terrorists have struck in Lahore, claiming 31 lives, as a procession held to mark the martyrdom of Hazrat Ali (RA) was attacked. The Lashkar-e-Jhangvi has claimed responsibility for unleashing the suicide bombers who struck in quick succession, just as the traditional event observed by Shia Muslims drew to a close. It is obvious that the killing represented a continuation of the terrible sectarianism that has taken over our country. It must be noted that at least two of the previous attacks in Lahore since March this year have been ‘religious’ in nature, with 80 Ahmadis slaughtered in the worst act of terrorism and a separate assault staged at the Data Darbar shrine less than two months ago. The extremist Sunni groups which had unleashed horror in the Punjab in the 1990s have returned — and assumed the ability to create even more havoc.

Is there a reason for this? We can quite safely conclude that the failure of over more than a decade to act against these forces has created the situation we see today. The Punjab government must explain the reasons for its lack of action; indeed the PML-N should look back to its tenures in power in the 1990s and ask to what extent the seeds of disaster were sown then.

The onslaught against Shia Muslims — in Karachi, in Gilgit, in Lahore and elsewhere represents an enormous danger. The division of society into so many fragments acts to weaken it and prevent the cohesion we need. The failure to prevent terrorists from striking where and when they please is also sparking uncontrollable rage. We saw it after the Data Darbar attacks when people went on the rampage. We saw it again after the latest bombings as a police station on the Mall Road was attacked and vehicles were damaged by furious members of the procession. Others too share the same anger; most people in the country respect the beliefs of others. It is the authorities who must demonstrate they do so too by pre-empting attacks and preventing the massacre of minority sects.

Published in The Express Tribune, September 3rd, 2010.

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  • Mussarat Hussain
    Sep 5, 2010 - 10:55AM

    It is strange that before any suicidal attack our intelligence agencies are informed by the “reliable sources” in advance and more surprisingly they also accept responsibility of the explosion immediately.

    Being a former Chief Reporter APP where I started my career as Crime Reporter in early 80’s
    and later voluntary retired to settle in the United States in 2007, I fail to understand that if our intelligence agencies are “deaf and dumb” to chase and track culprits who informed them well in “advance”and later accept the responsibility of committing terrorism.

    This situation is really very sickening, disgusting and shameful for the people at the helms of affairs where not only civilians but law enforcing people are also targeted under a systematic plan who are at the mercy of the anti-state elements.

    There is a height of stupidity of absolving itself from the duties by simply projecting stereotype
    statements like, ” agencies had information about today’s blast”, “three teams have been formed” to nab culprits, “enquiry has been ordered”, “commission has been set-up”, ” those involved in terrorism are neither Pakistani nor muslims”, ” culprits will be dealt with Iron Hand”.
    I swear, during my entire tenure as journalist I never saw an “Iron Hand” in action.

    We need to come out of obsolete and outdated methodologies to combat with the wave of terrorism with the collaboration of the entire nation. We need to re-introduce compulsory military training, starting from the grass-root level of schools and to “detoxify” the young generation from the “Hazardous” influence of sectarianism infused by the “illiterate” and so-called contractors of Islam.

    Religious scholars deplore that current natural disaster is a wrath of God. They never ponder why
    God’s wrath only in Pakistan, why not other Islamic States are subjected to God’s wrath.
    We have history of human rights violations, Muslims are killings their brothers without any let and hindrance. Bellievers are blown up in their worship places like mosque, Imam Bargah, Data Darbar,
    while Ahmedis who are as patriot as any other Pakistani are not spared while Christians are burnt in their Churches.

    To catch an itch in leprosy, ridiculously an imprudent politician is talking about French-like Revolution in Pakistan. My humble advise to politician in exile should study French Revolution, end of Louis XVI, Necklace Scandal, end of Rohan and Maria Annatonie, French involvement in war with Rjussia, England, Holland and Austria. In 1789 wars were fought with daggers, bayonets, musketes and gallows, ets. Those nations attacked France to prevent French-like situation in their countries which was later taken over by the Napolean Bonaparte.

    Only army can bring revolution. But why ? Neighboring country is also a nucleared-powered nation.

    Revolution would be a suicidal for Pakistan. Forget about it. We need revolution in our minds and

    Mussarat Hussain,
    Washington DC

  • MAK
    Sep 7, 2010 - 4:36AM

    I appreciate Mussarat Hussain filed very good comments about the ineffeciency and inaction of pakistani intelligence agencies. Mr. Hussain proved himself as a competent and a typical reporter.

    He also wrote a very good piece of article on the sad event of killings of Ahmedis in Lahore this year in May/June.

    Go ahead mr. hussain.


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