Racist slurs failed to deter Pakistani-born billionaire from buying NFL team

NFL Jaguars owner Shahid Khan says racist slurs only made him more determined to buy the team.

Afp October 25, 2012

NEW YORK: Pakistan-born billionaire Shahid Khan has told US television newsmagazine "60 Minutes" that racist remarks when he bought the National Football League's Jacksonville Jaguars last November made him more determined to succeed.

CBS said Thursday that the report, due to air on the show's Sunday telecast, shows Khan where he says that remarks such as "sand monkey" and "terrorist from Pakistan" were not his problem but showed the troubles of those who coined them.

"(I reacted) the way I reacted most of my life, which is it's not really my problem. It's their problem," he said. "It was not Jacksonville's finest moment."

Anti-Muslim insults did not spoil Khan's joy at buying the Jaguars from former owner Wayne Weaver, who Khan said was embarassed by the racist remarks and concerned they might want Khan to forget the deal.

"I think he was surprised. And he wanted to just make sure that you know, it wasn't giving me pause," Khan said, noting he never had a second thought about completing the purchase because of the comments.

"As a matter of fact, if it was possible for me to be more determined, it... gave me more determination."

Khan spent $760 million, according to Forbes magazine, for the Jaguars, which were founded as an expansion team in 1995. Khan had failed in a 2010 bid to purchase the St. Louis Rams, a central US NFL team much nearer his business.

Pakistan lacks opportunities on offer in US

Khan says Pakistan lacks the same opportunities he found in the United States.

"See how hard things are? Power's going out, it's 108 degrees. It's tough," Khan said while visiting his native Lahore with a CBS crew.

"I think the biggest impediment here is that hope, getting to the next stage -- it doesn't matter how hard you work, there are forces that kind of prevent you from being the best you can be," he lamented.

A shining example of the American dream

Khan came to the United States in 1967 at age 16 to attend college and went from working in a small garage to making a fortune in auto parts, his unqiue one-piece bumper design becoming a hit in vehicle manufacturing circles.

Two-thirds of all cars and trucks sold in America now have at least one part manufactured by Khan's firm, Flex-N-Gate, and he ranks among the 400 richest Americans as categoried by Forbes.

Khan, who was born in Pakistan in 1950, graduated with an engineering degree from the University of Illinois in 1971, a year after he started working at Flex-N-Gate, which he bought in 1980. It now earns $3 billion in annual sales.

"This gentleman is absolutely the American story," Weaver said at the time of the sale. "He came to this country from Pakistan... he has factories worldwide and is one of the major producers of parts for all of the major automobile companies.

"I absolutely admire entrepreneurs and he absolutely sets the bar."


Syed Ali Zawaar Shah | 10 years ago | Reply BRAVO!!! Stop disgracing & start following...
Robert | 10 years ago | Reply



You obviously know nothing about Shad Kahn, or Jacksonville...

While there was a SMALL amount of initial concern about Mr. Kahn when he first bought the Jaguars, that quickly passed, and he is now ADORED by the people of Jacksonville.

People LINE UP to get his autograph, and have their picture taken with him.

Any television program that features him has high viewer ratings...

Mr. Kahn's trademark MUSTACHE is now the current fad in town, and shows up in local advertising for many other businesses..

In short, Shad Kahn has been adopted by the the people of Jacksonville as "one of our own."...


As for Los Angeles, that city doesn't deserve an NFL team. Twice the city of Los Angeles has had an NFL team, and each time, the people of Los Angeles treated those teams like DIRT, and both teams left and moved to BETTER CITIES....

In conclusion, Shad Kahn was smart to come to Jacksonville, and only a fool would go to Los Angeles...

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