How to wear harem pants

One of the trickiest things in fashion is to pull off the harem pants without looking like Aladin’s baby sister.

Taneeya Hasan October 29, 2012
How to wear harem pants

Master the art of wearing one of the hottest essentials of fall 2012

One of the trickiest things in fashion these days is to pull off the harem pants without looking like Aladin’s baby sister. The pants that somewhat look like what you see jocks wearing literally stormed into the vogue vicinity last year and since then they haven’t looked back.

If you are one of those who tried acing this look and instead looked like you’re wearing a banyan (vest) over your shalwars, then high five us and read this guide because we care about you and we don’t want you to look like a roadside thief ever again.

We are literally covering our pretty faces while we break it to you that the rule of thumb here is that women with heavy bottoms must avoid lowers that are loose around the thigh area and tighter around the calf area.

Warning: Do not go all hater on us just because we believe women who have a wide posterior can still pull off harem pants better than women who have an apple bottom.

The good news is that our loyal friend with an ethereal fashion sense tells us that a lot depends on the fabric of harem pants that you are wearing. One must know that these pants are puffy around the thigh area hence they add width to the wearers body.

If you are a curvezilla,  chance are you may not look like runway royalty Kate Moss in these pants, as harem pants have a tendency to add weight to voluptuous figures; however, with the right pair, you can create a stunning, sensual and exotic look.

Women with fuller bodies should go for harem pants in a more flowy cloth such as silk, satin or even jersey. Try to keep the focus away from your thigh area as much as possible by adopting these fashion tricks.

Funky side up

If you are opting for a more western look with the harem pants then pair them up with cropped jackets and shirts as this gives more breathing space to your body and makes your torso look longer.

Funky uppers also draw focus to your upper body and even if you are failing at pulling off the genie look chances are people wouldn’t even notice.

The rule of 1:3 (or 3:1) in photography implies that only one part of the human body should be in focus because it’s pleasing for the human eye.

To balance out the bagginess and the fullness at the legs, always wear a fitted top, like a tank top, casual graphic print T-shirt (brightly coloured tee) or fitted silk blouses.

Invest in fancy headgear

A bold accessory such as a chunky hairpiece is also a good idea to keep the eye more towards the upper side of your body.

Buckle up

Put the emphasis on your waist as much as you can. Add a wide, glittery or studded belt that draws attention to your curves and takes focus away from your thighs and mid leg area.

Don’t over-accessorise

Do accessorise but don’t over accessorise. Harem pants easily dominate the ensemble because of their puffiness and flare, hence over accessorising would confuse the observer’s eye.

Remember how experts in the make-up world say if you’re wearing heavy make-up on the eyes you should keep the lips nude? The similar rule applies to clothing as well.

If you are wearing harem pants, refrain from bringing on your bling blings because they would turn the whole look into a fashion mesh and trust us, looking like a rapper in Pakistan isn’t as cool as it is in Brooklyn.

Shoe stopper

When looking for that perfect pair to go with your harem pants, get your hands on peep toes or gladiator heels because they add height to your overall look.

Since these pants usually end around the calf area they could make your legs look shorter and stumpier; to avoid this situation one must add height and the key here is to show your feet.

Wearing pumps or covered shoes would make the human eye perceive you shorter than your normal height.

If you can’t seem to find a pair that flatters your body shape and size, look for alternative designs that have some similarity with harem pants. The flare in harem pants varies from brand to brand and if you feel too much flare is not for your body type then switch to something less flowy and flarey.

If even then you have trouble finding a look that works for you, then try a slouchy harem-style jumpsuit instead.

Published in The Express Tribune, Ms T, October 26th, 2012.

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Thinker | 11 years ago | Reply

this fashion is outdated in West.Pakistanis are far behind.

islooite | 11 years ago | Reply

so much effort for harem pants ? Ditch it . They don not look good anyways , we have seen enough flairy patials and outrageous fashion with it and now harem! Dont want more , period

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