Corrupt to be hanged on Liberty Chowk: Altaf

MQM chief Altaf Hussain has said that a revolution by Pakistan’s poor and middle classes is just around the corner.

Express September 02, 2010

LAHORE: Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) chief Altaf Hussain has said that a revolution by Pakistan’s poor and middle classes is just around the corner and the opponents cannot stop it in its tracks, however much they may strive.

He was addressing the party workers who have set up a relief collection camp for flood victims in Lahore’s Liberty Chowk.

He said the feudal lords exploited the poor and middle class people over the past 63 years. The talk of revolution has unnerved all feudal landlords and corrupt politicians who have begun levelling baseless allegations at the MQM because they apprehend that the party-led public revolution will sweep them away.

He said no one can now stop the path of revolution.

The MQM supremo said the thieves responsible for the dismemberment of the country will be held accountable; corruption will end and the poor will command as much respect as the rich.

He said the days of feudal landlords and corrupt people are numbered, and now every Pakistani has come to the conclusion that if Pakistan is to be saved, a French-style revolution will have to be brought about.

The MQM will bring about the ‘Pakistan revolution’ in the likeness of the French Revolution which the world will never forget, he declared.

He said the landlords and waderas who stole the nation’s wealth and meted out injustice on the oppressed tillers of land will be hanged on Lahore’s Liberty Chowk, their assets will be sold and their palaces will be turned into colleges and hospitals.

Published in The Express Tribune, September 2nd, 2010.


Liaquat Ali | 11 years ago | Reply Imran Khan seems to mean well, and talks the talk. The concern on the street is if he can walk his talk. However Altaf Hussain has hundreds, if not thousands, of Imran Khans in his dedicated "army" of workers and supporters.
M.A. Naqvi | 11 years ago | Reply Whether you agree or disagree with Altaf Hussain, Pakistan is desperate for a leader in the revolution movement. No one has stepped up, to lead the revolution. We expect the national elections to bring about a revolution, but the electorial system is corrupt with Pre-Poll Rigging and Election Engineering. The revolution has already become bloody, with all these terrorist attacks, so it's too late to have a blood-less coup, because it has already become a bloody revolution, whether we like it or not. The big problem is the corruption, inefficiency and the lack of will of the current government. People say, why should we focus on a political change when we need to focus on the relief efforts? Well the Government is the 1st institution with the relief efforts, but when the government is not doing anything or doing little, you need to change the administration and get someone there who is doing something. Reality is that Pakistan needs political leadership. It is very disappointing that neither the Prime Minister nor the President have addressed the nation to bring hope and encouragement. The only political leader who has, was the UN Sec-General when he came. Laugh if you want about Altaf Hussain coming back to lead a revolution, but some of the same people laughed at the idea of Asif Zardari being President, but it happened. We await the return of Altaf Hussain. But if our elders are not standing up, and no one else is choosing to lead the people, Altaf Hussain will seize the moment by default. It is an opportune time to lead a revolution for Imran Khan. This is Imran Khan's chance to help the country, but if he doesn't, someone else will.
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