Pakistan withdraws military delegation after 'unwarranted' airport checks

The delegation was visiting after an official invitation to attend a meeting at the US military Central Command.

Express September 01, 2010

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan has ordered a visiting military delegation to return from Washington to protest "unwarranted" airport security checks.

The delegation was visiting the United States after an official invitation to attend a meeting at the US military Central Command, ISPR said in a statement.

According to the ISPR, the delegation was subjected to unwarranted security checks at Washington airport by US Transport Security Agency.

Later, the delegation was cleared and US defense officials regretted the incident. However, as a result of these checks, military authorities in Pakistan decided to cancel the visit and call the delegation back.


Boota Khan | 10 years ago | Reply @ Faraz [Obviously i dont like an army whose chief proudly mentions in his book that he sold pakistanis for cash. I want a professional army, not the one which recruits civilians to...] Absolutely with you bro, but probably you were having a nap when we got rid of Mush and one thing more; please don't criticise the institution for an individual's wrong doings. I will appreciate your concern. @ Farooqui [@faraz i think you will find that you are running a little behind time, we got rid of that chief years ago and our present chief has nothing non professional about him or the way he runs] Forgive him bro :-)
Roy | 10 years ago | Reply Those Brothers who consider it as a legal act should be clarified with a simple solution to their extreme comments. If that action was right then why my brothers Defence Ministry of United States suddenly issued the apologize statements. This atleast clarifies to those that this action was illegal. Secondly it is unworthy to comment with personal grudges these people have against the most professional force of a nation (As far as pakistan is concerned). It is even more important to tell these brothers that this delegation was not on a personal or local enjoyment or a picnic plan made by Army but rather this delegation was called on by Professional and Official members of CENTCOM. Any delegation on official basis whether it belongs to a Pakistan or any other nation of the world has it prestige and honour that has to be kept under cosideration at all costs. Even if it is a civil delgation. Unwarranted airport security check (Emphasising on word 'Unwarranted') of Top security Officials of a country is an embarssing situation, to which Pakistan Army has responded quite accurately. It itself is a blow on CENTCOM, Defense Ministry of US and US Govt. that a nation which is a close ally in war on terrorism has called of its Military Delegation from inside the borders of US. And this is a blow to them only if they consider it.
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