Responding to critics: Malala promised opposition would never deter her

"For me, my cause to fight for the education of girls and children’s rights is of supreme importance," says Malala.

Fazal Khaliq October 10, 2012

SWAT: Days before Malala Yousafzai was targeted, the 14-year-old iconic child activist had stated: “I am not fighting for any award, neither have I struggled to be part of any competition to get nominations in any list. For me, my cause to fight for the education of girls and children’s rights is of supreme importance. And this, I will continue to the end.”

After receiving the National Peace Award from the prime minister, Yousafzai was also confirmed in the list of Tamgha-i-Shujaat.

While many of her well-wishers were happy and excited, certain groups came out with  extreme criticism against the child activist.

On September 28, The Express Tribune conducted a formal interview with her regarding her vision, aim and response to the severe criticism against her achievements.

Her reply was simple and cogent.

“My role and struggle is beyond personal fame and achievement,” she said.

When asked about the criticism she continues to face, she replied with an innocent smile. “Maybe they are right because it seems to me that I have not done enough to achieve my cause.

“I will be happy when every girl in this land gets formal education. I will not sit with ease until all my girls receive education and learn their rights.”

She vowed opposition would never deter her from her cause. In fact, she added, it would help her speed up her activities.

“No doubt, I learn a lot from my critics. There is always a lesson to learn from those who criticise you. I am thankful to them who are judging my every activity closely,” she told The Express Tribune with beaming confidence and optimism.

Published in The Express Tribune, October 11th, 2012.

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Farwa | 8 years ago | Reply

This girl is an inspiration. Her maturity and bravery is indeed a threat to barbarians who want everyone to bow down to them. The best thing is that she is very clear about her priorities. Get well soon Malala, the world is with you :)

Zyad | 8 years ago | Reply

Not only Taliban but there was a group of uneducated literate people(Awards seekers) criticized her and wrote articles against her. even some Phd. Scholars spared no efforts to mock her..... but she, as usual, was very calm and sober against them..

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