S Waziristan rally: FATA secretariat, KP governor caution Imran

KP governor says security situation in region not favourable for such ‘adventurism’.

Sumaira Khan October 04, 2012


Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf’s (PTI) planned peace march to South Waziristan faces growing concern, with the Additional Chief Secretary of the Federally Administered Tribal Area (ACS Fata), Tafsheen Khan, saying on Wednesday that Imran Khan’s rally could result in serious consequences from a security standpoint.

Khan made the comments while speaking to The Express Tribune regarding the PTI’s public meeting scheduled to be held in South Waziristan’s Kotkai town on October 6.

Tafsheen said, “I do not term the security situation in Fata unsatisfactory, but it’s not equipped to host the visit of PTI chief Imran Khan … along with such a huge gathering of locals and foreign nationals. He (Imran) should realize that he is going to put everyone in danger.”

He added that the Fata secretariat had asked the central government to not permit Imran Khan to hold the rally. However, he added that the Fata secretariat has not received a reply from the government yet.

“We are working to establish peace in Fata, but that will be through development and welfare projects, not through rallies and adventures,” Tashfeen remarked.

K-P Governor Barrister Masood Kousar told The Express Tribune on Wednesday that Imran Khan’s decision to hold the peace rally was “merely a sentimental move.”

“Imran is an ignorant man and likes to live in his dreams but the government is fully cognisant of its responsibilities and cannot allow any adventurism in the tribal areas where the situation is already fragile,” said Governor Kousar.

The Secretary General of PTI, Dr Arif Alvi defiantly tweeted on Wednesday, “Govt denies permission for PTI Waziristan Aman Rally. Says cant issue 100K passes to enter. Security is issue. We Will We Will... definitely go.”

Published in The Express Tribune, October 4th, 2012. 


Sameer | 8 years ago | Reply This is the most irresponsible, absurd and dangerous statement from IK. I have been telling from day dot that this guy is as shady and as opportunistic as the rest of the mob. You go to a law less territory for political point scoring.. you risk the life of tens of thousands of people in doing that besides the advice against it by the federal and state govt, you rely on the security guarantees from those that kill our innocent men, women and children and our soldiers.. And you have the gall to shift the responsibility of your own juvenile actions to a head of state.. How so irresponsible and absurd
Abbass Khan | 8 years ago | Reply Honorable Masud Kausar, the Governor of KPK says that Imran Khan is an ignorant man but i am unable to understand the logic of defending the killing of innocent women and children through USAid developmental projects in the tribal belt.
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