Anti-Islam film: Head of Ahmadi community says anger of Muslims 'fully justified'

Calls for limiting free speech so that the religious sentiments of people are protected.

Web Desk September 23, 2012

The head of the Ahmadi community said that anger of Muslims regarding the anti-Islam film is “fully justified, but violent reaction must be condemned,” a statement issued by their global community quoted him on Sunday.

Speaking to a media gathering, Mirza Masroor Ahmad said that the Muslims across the world should “peacefully unite in their opposition to the film” which has  stirred up “great resentment and anger among Muslims worldwide.”

Ahmad also called for limiting free speech so that the religious sentiments of people are protected.

The statement quoted the Ahmaddiya leader as saying:
It is their inability to defeat Islam that is causing them to resort to such vile acts which they try to justify on the basis of freedom of speech or expression. Let it not be that in the name of freedom of speech the peace of the entire is destroyed.

He condemned the violent response witnessed in a number of countries by Muslims and the killings of innocent people including ambassadors and diplomats.

He said, “Damaging property or burning buildings was completely wrong and benefited no party.”

Correction: An earlier version of this article had construed that the Ahmadi community head meant “non-Muslims” when he said “their” during his address. The error is regretted.


hassan | 9 years ago | Reply must be owned by ahmedis!

Amfarooq | 9 years ago | Reply

This is the world need right now united Muslims May God enable all the muslims to get united. Great speach, Love for all hatred for none

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