Dirty wars: ‘US spread the dengue virus in Cuba’

Cuban expert says US introduced the virus in the country in 1971. But it was controlled through insecticides.

Our Correspondent September 23, 2012


The United States used dengue virus as a weapon in bio-warfare and spread it in Cuba in 1971, Dr Aramis Martinez from Cuba told a seminar at Punjab University (PU).

Dr Martinez, a Vector Borne Disease Central Consultant is Zambian National Larviciding Programme Coordinator in Cuba.

Vice Chancellor Mujahid Karman chaired the session which was also attended by Jorge Luis Martinez, the Cuban international sales director, PU Registrar Dr Aurangzeb Alamgir, Dengue Research Group Chairman Dr Saeed Akhtar and PU Zoology Department Chairman Dr Muhammad Akhtar also participated.

Dr Martinez said Cuba had controlled dengue fever with a four-pronged strategy: vector control, larvae control, community involvement and case management.

He said only one type of dengue fever had occurred in Cuba . It was controlled through the use of insecticides which do low environmental damage.

He said the entomologists should work closely with other experts to fight the disease.

He said the government had to provide the necessary resources but the private sector must also step up its efforts to control the disease.

He said the most frequent dengue mosquitoes breeding sites in Cuba in 2006 were rooftops and tree holes.

Prof Kamran said the US tests had tested the dengue virus in Florida. He said one could not rule out the possibility the dengue virus spread was a part of US bio-warfare against Pakistan. He said Cuba was spending over 18 per cent of its GDP on education and Cuban athletes had placed 15th in the medals table in the recent summer olympics.

Earlier, Dr Saeed Akhtar welcomed the delegates and briefed them about the work of Dengue Research Group. PU virologist Dr Idrees Khan also presented a report on the work of the virology group.

Published in The Express Tribune, September 23rd, 2012.


Cubaverdad | 10 years ago | Reply

A better title would be "dirty lies" from the Castro regime. Dengue has been endemic in Cuba for years. New strains showed up in Cuba at the same time or after they showed up in other Latin American nations. Imports of rice from Vietnam and international "missions" are also sites as the source of the import of foreign strains of dengue. The recent case of cholera imported from Haiti by returning doctors is a good example of the vulnerability of Cuba. The Castro regime tries to blame the dengue on the US the divert attention from its responsibility and to explain why dengue returns time after time after the regime again and again falsely claimed it was eradicated in Cuba.

See: http://cubadengue.impela.net/ and http://cubafaq.impela.net/?s=cholera

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