Cleric’s daughter stripped, paraded naked in village

Five accused arrested on charges of kidnapping and attempted rape.

Shamsul Islam September 22, 2012


The daughter of a cleric was allegedly paraded nude in a village by young men seeking revenge for her brother’s ‘indiscretions’ on Wednesday in the area of Nawan Lahore police station. 

The three daughters of cleric Allah Ditta were returning home late Wednesday after shopping. Two of them were scheduled to be married on Thursday.

Upon their return, they were attacked by local feudal youths Asif, Saif, Sohna, Muhammad Elyas and Bhai Khan. Two of the girls escaped and hid in nearby houses while their sister, Rahila, was caught by the assailants.

The young men tore off her clothes and attempted to sexually assault her. They also paraded her before the entire village in her naked state and announced that whoever opposed them would face similar consequences.

“They attempted to kidnap and rape her but she offered resistance”, said cleric Ditta.

On the direction of Inspector General (IG) Police Punjab Hajji Habibur Rehman, District Police Officer Toba Tek Singh, Ahsan Younas and DSP Gojra Alam Sher Rajoka visited the village and termed the FIR correct after investigating further. On Thursday, the police arrested all five accused on charges of kidnapping and attempting to rape a young girl

Earlier, cleric Allah Ditta had appealed to the Punjab Chief Minister Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif and Inspector General (IG) Police Punjab to take notice of the incident and provide him justice.

Villager Muhammad Shafi told The Express Tribune that a few weeks ago one of the accused, Saif, had levelled allegations of teasing his sister against Riaz.

A village jury met and passed the verdict which stated that Riaz must leave the village for two years. Later, the elders of the village, terming the accusation baseless, asked Riaz not to leave. This infuriated the youths, who took it upon themselves to teach Riaz and his father a lesson.

Published in The Express Tribune, September 22nd, 2012.


El Cid | 9 years ago | Reply

@alicia: “Don’t drag the West into this. I have lived in both places and I know women are treated way better in any Western country compared to Pakistan.” .

I am not dragging any one in to any thing. Only stating facts. Women are a commodity in the West. A spittoon for men to use, abuse, and discard---if divorce, cohabitation in sin, domestic and child abuse statistics are to go by.

The first freshman class in any college or university is always about rape, as is the initial orientation in the work place. Often I had to escort my professor, a PhD, to her car, after late Labs when campus security was not immediately available...her colleague and friend had been raped and murdered the previous semester. Her carriage, knowledge, competence, and confidence belied the terror that besieged her after evenings set in.

The female cleavage, the crouch, the butt and the breast are used to sell most other commodities in the West, even cars and trucks. No wonder augmentation of the breast to grotesque proportions is the preferred plastic surgery and staring at these useless sterile appendages, objects of extreme ogling for men...who can't tell the difference between the authentic and the forgery, plastic from flesh, and could care less.

If numbers are your forte than 90,000 women from 7 to 70years old were raped in the US in 2011. And 19,000 female military personnel including officers were raped, their cases not prosecuted. One woman who insisted on pushing the case had her torn panties soiled with evidence DNA returned to her with her dis-honorable discharge papers. I could go on, but don’t want to---am getting sick just relating this---except to say that the West needs not to be dragged into it, it has always been in there, way ahead of the East. Because the female is a sexual object in the West, little more.

Aahjiz BayNawa | 9 years ago | Reply

Fuedalism and elitism is the cause. Eliminate feudlism.

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