Haqqani network formally sanctioned by US

The ban would result in freezing assets the group or its members have within US jurisdictions.

Web Desk September 19, 2012

WASHINGTON: After US President Barack Obama agreed to declare the Haqqani network a foreign terrorist organisation, the sanctions have now come into force on Wednesday, The Associated Press (AP) reported.

The group is allegedly based in Pakistan.

Earlier, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton had signed a report to Congress saying the network met criteria for a terrorist designation.

The ban would result in freezing assets the group or its members have within US jurisdictions, while Americans would not be allowed to do business with them.

The Haqqanis run a sophisticated and diverse financial network comparable to a mafia group, according to a July report by the Centre for Combating Terrorism.

It said the group raised money through kidnapping, extortion and drug trafficking but also had a business portfolio that included import/export, transport, real estate and construction interests in Afghanistan, Pakistan and the Persian Gulf.



Enlightened | 10 years ago | Reply

It took 11 long years for US to declare it as a terrorist group. Earlier, US was doing business with this group and even ready to negotiate with them for a peaceful solution of the Afghanistan problem. But the truth of the matter is that grapes turned sour for US as this group spurned the talks offer and instead attacked US and NATO forces in Afghanistan.

Sultan Ahmed | 10 years ago | Reply

On the one hand,trying to bring them on the negotiating table and on the other hand matter is being complicated.not understandable.

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