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Priyanka Chopra has joined the club of women who are completely oblivious of their actual skin tone.

September 17, 2012

For a second, we couldn’t believe that someone as stunning as Priyanka Chopra would do this to herself. Sadly, she was seen sporting a smutty lace dress from her teenage years, mustard shoes not even fit to throw at our enemies and 12 different skin tones at one of the promotional events of Barfi!. The actor has joined the club of those women who are completely oblivious of their actual skin tone and end up wearing make-up in the most appalling way possible.

What is that?


The lack of accessories and jewellery in this ensemble is another major issue. Priyanka could’ve accessorised a bit to add that much-needed pop of colour every outfit should have. The lack of jewellery on the actor is making her look like flat canvas with nothing to draw attention to her arms or neck.


Priyanka’s shiny locks are her saving grace in this look. We love how the mane is framing her face with dark brown soft curls and don’t look teased or oily because of the weather and the humidity. We do wish, however, that the actor experiments with her hair colour more.

The charge sheet


We want to punish Priyanka’s make-up artist by making him/her watch a brainless, cheap Govinda movie over and over again. The artist did a pretty good job with Priyanka’s face but totally forgot to put layers of make-up on the actor’s legs and feet. Her legs and face are two different shades altogether and for future we request Priyanka to love her feet as much as she loves that face of hers.


We wouldn’t want to wear those shoes even if our lives depended on it. This dirty mustard coloured pair is making Priyanka’s feet look dirty and unwashed. The combination is so bad that even the most dependable red nail paint couldn’t make her feet look any less charcoal stained. We advise Priyanka to embrace her complexion and wear colours that complement her skin tone.


Priyanka has an hourglass figure with just the right amount of curve in her body which is being accentuated by this body hugging outfit. However, much to our dismay, the white dress looks like something she pulled out of her lingerie drawer. Also, she should know better than to wear clothes that complement her skin tone and not the tone she has after wearing 11 layers of make-up.

Better dressed

Christine Bleakley

Christine Bleakley also went for a tanned out look at the red carpet recently but then she made sure she kept her legs and feet the same colour as her face. The television presenter wore a small bodice underneath her lace dress to sport the right mix of naughty and innocent and needless to say it is working pretty well for her. She paired the white lace dress with black stilettos — a combination that never goes wrong.

Lilly Allen

Singer Lilly Allen looks like a gooey marshmallow in this cute lace frock which she paired with black tights. Again, we like this look because instead of showing too much of leg, the singer just opted for simple tights. Women, please know what part of your body is an asset and what part is a liability.

Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez kept things soft and innocent in this lace dress paired with dull silver peep toes and soft girly curls. We like this look more for the detailed lace design on Selena’s dress and also for the little pops of red colour she has added to ensemble by wearing red hot nail colour and carrying a red clutch. The ensemble and the look is a teasing mix of black, red, dull silver and beige.

Published in The Express Tribune, September 18th, 2012.         

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