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Sahar Habib September 17, 2012


‘Shehr-e –Zaat’

Friday on Hum TV

Episode 11 (September 7)
Falak is still upset and angry that Salman forgot their anniversary and gets irritated when her grandmother says she should forgive and forget, the way God forgives our mistakes. Falak and Salman’s mother keep saying his short temper and recent behaviour is unlike Salman, but I don’t really think so. The audience has pretty much always seen Salman as this rude, insensitive, self-centered man, but Falak has always been blind to his negative traits and only saw the few good things he said and did. A friend Mariam calls her and tells her she’s seen Salman with another girl more than once. Falak confronts Salman and he denies it, so she believes him without question. The drama has always hinted at a spiritual void in Falak’s life and she is voicing that feeling now. However currently she associates that “something missing” with Salman’s attitude, but this will probably be explored further as the drama progresses. At the end of the episode, Salman breaks it to her. He’s fallen in love with somebody else. He didn’t want to cheat but, you know, he was helpless. Next week’s episode looks good. Falak always feels in extremes, so it will be interesting to see how she reacts to the news of Salman’s affair, after she’s gotten over the initial shock.


Wednesday on Express Entertainment

Episode 16 (September 5)

Aazi returns home from the senior citizens’ home angry, panicked and paranoid, after learning Emaan left with Abba and his friend Pasha, threatening to burn the house down if he doesn’t find her. So, I don’t understand: are Aazi’s father and Emaan just going to live with this Pasha guy from now on, flying kites and playing carom all day? Aazi owes the whole neighbourhood money, including his two best friends Sajid and Maulvi who are fed up with him now. The way he’s going, pretty soon Aazi is going to be left all alone with no friends and no family. There are two ways this can end: he’ll learn his life lesson(s) before it’s too late or he’ll alienate everybody around him. When we met Aazi in the first episode, he was still self-centred, focused on his goal to go to America, but was a little more pleasant. Now, as his plans are disintegrating before him, he can’t look at someone without ending up in a brawl.  Sumbal’s brother Shamrez finds out about her dalliance with Aazi and he must salvage his honour. Obviously, the only way to do that is to kill his sister. The episode ends with him pulling a gun on her. Sumbal’s storyline often gets sidelined, with a couple of scenes in each episode, but she has been the object of a cliffhanger many times. Sumbal’s character has had a significant arc and has come a long so I really hope she doesn’t die at this point, especially since her relationship with Maulvi is just starting to go somewhere.


Thursday on ARY Digital

Episode 18 (September 6)

“Thakan” is becoming really difficult to sit through. I’m assuming it’s heading to a close and the pace should be picking up at this point, but it’s quite the opposite. Khurhseed says Mehak and he have to leave the house with the kids because he has no respect. Zubeida thought Khursheed would be like a son to her but he only wants to boss everybody around. Zubeida makes it worse by saying Khursheed is just jealous of Kashan and bitter that Sadaf refused to marry him. Khursheed is the kind of man who doesn’t need a wife, he needs a caretaker obviously, but also somebody he can boss around, yell at, degrade and insult. Roheena had accused Zubeida of stealing her cell phone and that caused an unpleasant spat between her and Sadaf. To make matters worse, Kashan, who never interferes in domestic issues, stands up for his wife and offends Roheena in the process. Kashan’s younger brother Ahsaan and Roheena use this incident as their long-awaited opportunity for an excuse to leave the house and break away. Also Kashan’s mother is a bit unnerved by how close Kashan and Sadaf are becoming because it is affecting her household in ways she had never anticipated.

Published in The Express Tribune, September 18th, 2012.         

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