Protests against anti-Islam film continue in Karachi, Lahore

Protesters in both the cities wanted to protest outside the US consulates.

Sidrah Moiz/ferya Ilyas/noman Ahmed September 17, 2012

LAHORE/ KARACHI: Hundreds of agitators in Karachi and Lahore protested against an anti-Islam film on Monday.

The protest rally in Karachi was organised by the student organisation Islami Jamiat-e-Talaba (IJT), while the one in Lahore was organised by the Majlis Wahdat-e-Muslimeen (MWM).

The protesters in both the cities wanted to protest outside the US consulates. The police managed to stop the protesters in Karachi from reaching their destination.

In Lahore, however, MWM activists storm passed all barriers in their way and staged a sit-in outside the consulate's gate.

The police arrested around 60 protesters in Karachi, while around 12 people were injured.

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The protesters in Lahore are still present outside the US Consulate and are staging a sit-in there.


According to Express News correspondent Rehan Khan, the residents of the Sultanabad area in Karachi have brought down two electricity poles.

There is no power in the area now.

The police continue to fire shells to disperse the residents who intend to protest outside the consulate.

The protesters, who were injured earlier, have been shifted to a local hospital in Karachi.


In Karachi, the IJT activists have left the area but the residents are still protesting. They are throwing stones, burning tyres and trying to bring down an electricity pole.

The residents have also blocked the MT Road.

IJT leader Waqas Azmi, while speaking to The Express Tribune, said the United Nations should make a law against disrespecting the Holy Prophet (PBUH).

Azmi added that the US should officially ban the anti-Islam film and get it removed from the US-based social media sites.


The protesters are staging a sit-in outside the US consulate in Lahore.


The MWM protesters in Lahore are trying to climb the gate of the consulate.

The protesters, including women and children, are chanting slogans against the US.


The MWM rally in Lahore has reached the US consulate. A few activists have jumped over the barriers and are now protesting outside the consulate’s main gate.

The MWM protesters want to pass a resolution against the blasphemous film.

In Karachi, around 300 IJT activists are protesting outside the Karachi Press Club against the use of force on their rally and stopping them from reaching the US Consulate.

Around 104 protesters have been so far arrested by police. However, no case has been registered against them.


According to Express News, the police have also baton-charged the protesters in order to stop them from moving ahead.

Express News correspondent Rehan Khan reported that around 12 people have been injured, while the police have arrested around 60 protesters.


The police have entered the residential area in an attempt to arrest the agitating residents and the IJT activists. Two more protesters have been recently arrested.

Around 200 IJT activists and 500 residents are present in the area now.

The protesters have burnt tyres on the road.


The residents of the Sultanabad area have turned violent and are throwing stones at the police personnel in response to the shells fired in the area.

Around 400 residents are out protesting on the road.

Police have arrested four of the locals for clashing with the security personnel.


The protesters have taken a break and are saying prayers in groups of 30, turn by turn.


The residents of the Sultanabad area have joined the protesters, while heavy shelling is being carried out by the police.

A cameraman from the ARY News channel named Zeeshan Marghoob was injured when a stone thrown by the protesters hit his face.


Protesters gathered at main the Sultanabad Road, about 500 metres away from the US Consulate, and entered the streets in the residential area.

Supporting the rally, residents of the area provided water and edibles to the protesters. The residents also gave them salt, used for reducing the effect of teargas.

The protesters dampened handkerchiefs and covered their mouths with it, so that the teargas used by the police does not affect them.

The protesters hurled stones at the police.


The protesters started their rally near the PIDC, while the police had set up barricades in front of the Sheraton Hotel and had deployed a heavy contingent of police force in order to bar the rally from moving ahead.

About 50 shells of teargas were thrown and aerial firing was carried out by the police in order to disperse the crowd, but the IJT protesters kept walking unabatedly. The activists also hurled stones at the police in retaliation and smashed the windshield of a police mobile parked nearby.

The police was able to round up about two dozen protesters, however, most of the agitators were able to escape from the police and continued their rally.


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We need a leader like Jinnah. Enough of these beasts.

Ather Naveed Khan | 9 years ago | Reply

Pakistan and Pakistani Government can do many things to record their protest like blockage of NETO supplies, by closing embassies of US & other Eurpean countries and by bycout of using foreign origin products. And many more................

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