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Saba Khalid September 17, 2012

Never has it been a better time to be blind as a bat than right now. Whether you’re visually impaired or have 20/20 eyesight, glasses have invaded the runways and taken over glamourous celebs. Here’s how you rock a pair without looking like a total daddi amma.

Eye make-up

If you wear thick frames don’t overdo the eye makeup as it will appear even more accentuated once you put the glasses on.

No bright shadows unless you’re going for the “Ugly Betty” look.

Only go funky with your eye makeup if glasses are rimless.

When putting on mascara, pay more attention to the lower lash. If you overdo the upperlash, it will stick to the glass.

To avoid smearing, let everything dry up before you perch the glasses on.


Thick frames look good with thick eyebrows. So if yours are on the thin side, its best to use some dark shadow to make them appear fuller.

Thin frames look best with thin eyebrows. Since most people aren’t blessed with lush eyebrows, this style is easily adapatable.


Short hairstyles are best if you want to show off your frames.

  Pulling hair away from the face goes well with any set of frames.

Getting bangs with a thick pair can look very high fashion.

When to lens it up and when to perch it on

While some people think that a good pair of designer glasses can go just about anywhere, there are certain places where it is necessary to whip out those annoying lenses. Take for instance, shaadis, valimas, mehndis: all these dressy functions require lenses. When we’re all decked up in our eastern finery, a pair of spectacles — no matter how classy — really won’t do. You don’t want your heavy gold set dangling against your thick metal frames. If you really want to wear glasses though, make sure the rest of your get up complements them.

For formal dinners and parties, it depends on how comfortable you are with your spetacles and what your personal style is. Floaty eastern chiffons will require lenses whereas if you’re wearing a classy silk block print and clean make up, chances are you can rock glasses. Steer away from over-accessorising though!

For everything else, especially corporate lunches and dinners, breakfast and brunches, a pair of nicely polished glasses will do just fine.

Hot trends for 2012

Geek chic is still in. But keep the frame polished, smooth and shiny to look less nerdy and more sophisticated.

For the adventurous, a cat-eye frame in a bright hue is a good choice.

For the glamourous goddesses, try a unique pattern instead of a jewel encrusted frame.

  Round frames, Lady Gaga-style, are all the rage these days.

Frame faux pas

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is to go all matchy-matchy with your glasses and your clothes. So wearing red frames and a red shirt will look hideous.

Similarly, matching your hijab with your glasses also looks strange. If you’re wearing glasses with a hijab, keep your make up clean. Try to balance the overall look: if your scarf is brightly coloured or printed, glasses should be simple. But if you want the focus to be on your snazzy spectacles, wear a neutral hued hijab

When wearing glasses, avoid wearing long earrings — it’s best to stick to simple studs. Complicated earrings can only work if you have a really long neck and are wearing long earrings, otherwise it just looks a bit much.

Published in The Express Tribune, Ms T, September 16th, 2012.

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