Taliban call on Afghans to avenge Americans over film

Taliban calls on religious heads of Afghanistan to get ready for a long-term fight against Americans.

Reuters September 12, 2012

KABUL: The Taliban called on Afghans on Wednesday to prepare for a fight against Americans and urged insurgents to "take revenge" on US soldiers over a US-made film depicting Prophet Mohammad (PBUH).

"The Islamic Emirate calls on religious heads around the country to completely inform Muslim followers of the inhumane acts of Americans... And make them ready for a long-term fight," the group said in a statement, referring to the name it calls itself.


Nanana | 10 years ago | Reply

What's the name of this movie?

Humanity | 10 years ago | Reply

The film makers must be punished for murder under hate crime in the US.

The murderers in Libya must be punished under the Salafi law for murder of innocent people who had nothing to do with the film.

The Muslims love, respect and honor the Holy Prophet SAW. They should however not idolize him to create mayhem and havoc in the world. The Holy prophet SAW would abhor blood being shed of innocent people on his behalf.

The Muslims should learn that they can control themselves. They can not control others.

The Muslims should sacrifice their lives in service for humanity instead of taking others lives if they they love the Holy Prohet SAW so much. After all, Allah SWT Himself declared the Holy Prophet SAW as Rahamtullilaleem. The Muslims should show their love for Mohamed SAW with self improvement and self sacrifice instead of spreading evil in his holy name.

Otherwise the Muslims only prove the propaganda being pushed in such evil movies.

Just think about it!

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