PIA plane skids off Lahore airport runway

PIA says plane skidded due to heavy rain; passengers, crew members remain unhurt.

Web Desk August 31, 2012

LAHORE: The passengers and crew members remained unhurt when a Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) plane skidded off the runway on its landing due to heavy rain, said a PIA spokesperson on Friday.

The ATR plane, flight PK-653, was on a routine flight from Islamabad to Lahore and was carrying 42 passengers and four crew members.

According to PIA, the pilot controlled the plane when it skidded but the main gear of the aircraft collapsed.

The PIA said that the damage of the aircraft will be assessed and an inquiry will be conducted into the incident.

The runway for larger aircrafts at the airport, on which the incident took place, was closed down immediately after, however the other runway for smaller aircrafts remains functional.

Some earlier reports suggested that the plane had made a crash landing and the flight staff and passengers sustained minor injuries. However, the PIA spokesperson negated the reports.

Earlier today, a Lahore-bound PIA plane made an emergency landing in Quetta due to technical problems.

It was earlier reported that almost a third of PIA flights have suffered delays this year due to technical and administrative reasons, dealing a severe blow to the national flag carrier’s business.

Correction: An earlier version of this story stated the plane was resting on its "left" instead "right" side. The error is regretted.


MK | 9 years ago | Reply

I am pretty sure that the pilot is a man of honor. We all must stop judging and wait for the investigation to be done. After investigation everything would be clear, Whether it is pilot’s fault or not will be determined. Let’s us all have patience and not try to criticize and comment on what we do not know about.

hafeez | 9 years ago | Reply

MK is still demanding appreciations to pilot who landed at wing with an example of Hudson river landing. Mr I guess you woke up from sleep or comparing with closed eyes. Hudson river case was result of best pilot drill, who saved human lives. Mr that plane was hit by 10s of birds during take off. "BIRD HIT" is not human error, his both engine sucked birds into intake. Still he glided into water with all precautions of life jackets and boats. I been flying with Mark Aveline " French Pilot in age of 66 years he still use to do complete pilot drill starting from pitot cover removed,intake covers removed, etc etc. till he start-up and keep whispering oh my EGT is normal, oil pressure both engine fantastic, ASI at true speed altimeter at set height, my Bezu ball in straight & level position until he lands back. But your Pakistani pilot keep reciting b.c. & b.c. (bad word Gali hai) with. Trust me I noted many times. They are upset minded. Your controllers are worried about salary or politics. Discussing un-necessary things. Go in control tower listen what they do in. Still with old fashion and abusing the PM or CM or CJ. Don't be advocate to sick people, ask them to use donkey cart instead of CAR, PIA, Pakistan Railway & go criminal instead of working hard with honesty. Either Remove the culprits & looters from head post of the country, bring sincere and qualified. Who have pain for the nation, there is no Islam or Taliban they all are criminals using name of Islam this all is due to unjust to nation's able lot.

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