Rimsha's lawyer says medical report terms her as minor: Report

Lawyer says report investigating the age and mental state of the girl determined she was between 13 and 14.

Web Desk August 28, 2012

The lawyer contending the case of the arrest of a young girl from Islamabad on charges of blasphemy revealed that the medical report pronounced that the girl was a minor, reported Associated Press on Tuesday.

The girl, Rimsha, was arrested for allegedly burning a Noorani Quaida, a booklet used to familiarise children with Arabic as written in the Quran.

The lawyer, Tahir Naveed Chaudhry, said that the report by a medical board investigating the age and mental state of the girl determined she was between 13 and 14.

He said that this suggested that Pakistan’s juvenile court system will hear Rimsha’s case, which is generally more lenient toward defendants.

The lawyer revealed that the medical board’s report determined that her mental state did not correspond with her age. However, he said that it was “not clear whether that meant she was mentally impaired.”


Nayla | 8 years ago | Reply

Kevin - I hope she stays safe too, but realistically, the only way she can be safe is for her to and her family to leave Pakistan.

That mob that beat her were calling for her death. They wanted to BURN HER ALIVE. It is so saddening to think that there are so many people in this society that actually want to murder a child for burning the page of some book. She's a CHILD for crying out loud. Children do stupid things. It's not like she hurt anyone. Plus, if she's ILLITERATE, how the heck would she have even known what she was burning? It wasn't even a page of the Qur'an, it was a page from a book used to teach the Qur'an.

Can you imagine how heartless, soulless, devoid of empathy and caring, and full of hate an adult must be to want to burn a child alive just for burning the page of a book? I fear for the future of Pakistan. It makes me SICK to know there are so many people like that in Pakistan.

Randeep Sherpao | 8 years ago | Reply

@Shamy: u doesn't make sense

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