Waziristan march: ‘Terror war can be won if tribal people part of peace process’

Khan says the only way to win the war is by talking to people, not by military operations with money taken from US.

Ema Anis August 25, 2012

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) chief Imran Khan said that the war against terrorism can only be won if the tribal people, including those in Waziristan, are made a part of the peace process. He was addressing a press conference in Islamabad on Saturday.

“I reiterate my point. The tribal people are so powerful that if you rely on them and get out of America’s war, this war can be won. You should not give the impression that you are fighting the war after taking money from the US,” Khan stated.

Explaining the reason why he is opposing a joint military operation in Waziristan, Khan said that the operation is like bombs being hurled in Waziristan to avenge the terrorism going on in Karachi. “Every day 5-10 people are being killed in Karachi. Can you think of attacking a home there [in Waziristan] with a drone in return? Do you think this is the way to win a war?”

Maintaining that all people of the country are against the war, Khan said that the main question is to think how to win it. “Since eight years, I have been saying this. Make the tribal people a part of the process and we will win the war… If the military operations were a solution, then we would have won the war eight years back.”

Commenting on the alleged threats he has received from the Taliban on holding the Waziristan march, the party chief said that he wants to send a message of peace across. “We want to send a message telling them that we are not going there to cause any loss. No one has ever done this before, but we want to go there and show them that we care.”

A list of people accompanying the PTI peace caravan will be provided to the media after the route is finalised, said Khan. “Women from America are also coming to join us, who have lost their sons in this war.”


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Bilal | 8 years ago | Reply

People of Waziristan were not strong enough to confront Taliban, Taliban had total control of the area, and Waziristan was being used for training of suicide bomber to carryout attacks in Pakistan, which is being continued till today. That was why our army had to conduct an operation in South Waziristan. I totally disagree with Imran Khan, he is just earning political advantage of anti-US sentiments and does not have courage to denounce Taliban.

Hasan Mehmood | 8 years ago | Reply

@Ch. Allah Daad: Absolutely fantastic comment. Spot on. But dont be a spoil sport. Dont snatch the dream from the dreamers eyes.

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