Hottie of the week: Ammar Belal

Published: August 26, 2012
Ammar Belal

Ammar Belal

Who is he

Straight designers in the fashion industry are as rare as a cool summer breeze in scorching July weather. And out of the few that are still swinging for women, fashion designer Ammar Belal is by far the hottest.

Always clean-shaven and impeccably attired, this former model has been in the industry for ten years.

He first bulldozed on to the scene with his brand ABCD, and ever since then he’s won more than a few awards for his ability to creatively weave fashion and music together.

He does menswear with as much ease as he does women’s wear.

Why we love him

You know how you have to bribe your man to take a shower or promise to bake a cake if he puts on a clean shirt and brushes his hair for a shadi?

We’re pretty sure model Aminah Haq, wife of Ammar Belal, never ever has to deal with any of that!

Because Belal is always, and I mean always, showered, shaved, dressed like an Adonis. And we bet, he smells good all the freaking time!

And we can also bet, Haq doesn’t have to go far when she needs a fab outfit. All she needs to do is to tell her man to make her one!

What you didn’t know about him

Belal’s couture jeans label called AS Jeans is stocked at stylist Patricia Fields New York boutique and has been worn by the likes of Margherita Missoni, Kelly Rippa, and Boy George.

Published in The Express Tribune, Ms T, August 26th, 2012.

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Reader Comments (7)

  • Janet Garcia - Gainsville Florida
    Aug 26, 2012 - 9:51AM

    Is it my imagination or are Pakistani men branching out their own hot hunk section in the male category. Pakistani men are blessed with the classic looks of vile masculinity and a softness that we American women cannot find in our American dudes.
    They are taking time to groom, dress and be counted and women all over the world are paying attention will a Pakistani man be the next hot throb in Hollywood and we are ready! .


  • Akshay
    Aug 26, 2012 - 11:48AM

    The most stupid sentence ever written “Straight designers in the fashion industry are as rare as a cool summer breeze in scorching July weather”.


  • Me
    Aug 26, 2012 - 12:25PM

    Unnecessary mention of his sexuality. Whether he is straight or not, remains to be seen. Time will tell.


  • Muhammad Ali
    Aug 26, 2012 - 4:26PM


    It doesn’t matter what his sexual orientation is.There’s no need for ‘time will tell’ or ‘remain to be seen’ because a person’s sexual orientation is irrelevant.Homophobia is present not just amongst our religious fanatics,but our self-proclaimed ‘liberals’ and ‘seculars’ are extremely homophobic as well.
    Hate and bigotry towards LGBT in pakistan is not the sole preserve of the religious right wing.The liberals are as homophobic as the religious extremists they complain about all the time.


  • Abdul Basit
    Aug 26, 2012 - 4:29PM

    Disgusting Homophobia on display in the comments.His professional competence matters only,his sexuality should be of no concern to anyone.


  • Zak
    Aug 27, 2012 - 1:53AM

    Overrated designer whose urban collection seems very similar to the German VSCT label and Italian fashion house Ferragamo, especially his shoe collection.


  • Nadeem Ahmed
    Aug 27, 2012 - 4:42AM

    I think the comment by Janet Garcia is actually written by amina haque


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