Sectarian killings, Kamra attack prove Taliban are nobody's friend: HRCP

Recent Shia killings underline the dangers faced by this minority in Pakistan: HRCP

Ppi August 17, 2012
Sectarian killings, Kamra attack prove Taliban are nobody's friend: HRCP

LAHORE: Condemning the killing of around 25 Shias in Mansehra and three in Quetta, the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP) on Friday demanded the concerned authorities to explain their lack of control over the situation.

On August 16, gunmen dragged Shia travellers off buses en route to Rawalpindi from Gilgit and killed them at point blank range.

According to a HRCP statement, the authorities owe an explanation to the people for their inability to crack down on sectarian killers and for their failure in protecting the lives of the citizens.

“HRCP would like to know what words of solace and reassurance the government can offer to the families of the victims and members of a community that is increasingly certain that terrorists get support from within the security agencies,” the statement said.

Drawing similarities between the Shia killings in Gilgit Baltistan and in Kohistan in February, the human rights body stated that the buses were stopped on a main road by men in military uniforms, Shia passengers were separated from the rest and executed.

Equally denouncing the killing of three men belonging to the Hazara community in Quetta on the same day, HRCP stated the events underlined the dangers faced by Shias in Pakistan.

HRCP said that the terrorists managed to strike again only because there were not tracked down after the earlier killings in Kohistan and Quetta.

“The sectarian killings and Kamra attack prove that the Taliban were nobody's friends and those who had created them, had taken Pakistan down the road of annihilation,” the HRCP stated.


Munir | 11 years ago | Reply

These Murderers, their backers and their supporters will all be answerable to the Lord on fine day! However i do not understand where are the Aalims and Maulanas. Why are they not publicly condemning these acts of murder and telling the people that this is wrong?

Imtiaz Khan | 11 years ago | Reply

@Salman mirza:

Are secular states peaceful? What is happening in India, Burma and various other countries where massacres of Muslims unabated. Real thing is we Muslim extremely lack knowledge of our religion, Qur'an and Sharia. We have only labelled Islamic Republic but acting otherwise. Our religion preaches peace and respect / honour others. As regards such heinous crimes and non tolerance is repugnant to Islamic concept. Now also see the so called civilized western countries; the magnitude of intolerance they are generally obsessed with is not less than any other country. Look at the situation in Afghanistan, Palestine, Kashmir and other states what is going on and who are doing that all. In the instant highly condemnable incidents whosoever committed be seen in the over all backdrop of events taking place. The role of foreign elements n forces who are bent upon to harm Pakistan can't be ruled out.

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