I want Asad Rauf to fulfill all his promises: Leena Kapoor

Indian model details relationship with Pakistani umpire who denies all allegations.

Ema Anis August 15, 2012

Indian model Leena Kapoor has released another picture of herself with Pakistani umpire Asad Rauf and gave details about her relationship with him in an interview to Express News. She appealed to Rauf to fulfill all his promises.

Kapoor, who had alleged that Rauf sexually exploited her after promising to marry her, further claimed that he had also promised her a house and a car. “He told me about his marriage and said that his wife lives somewhere in Lahore, Pakistan. But he said that he was a Muslim and he was allowed to marry twice. He also said that his wife and children will come to our marriage.”

Rauf, when contacted by Express News, said that he himself doesn’t have a car and a house, how could he promise these things to someone else. “I have already said all that I wanted to say. And if she wants to go on with it, then I’ll have to talk to my legal adviser.”

Commenting on the pictures Kapoor released, Rauf said, “I have thousands of pictures taken with a lot of people. People like her come really close while taking pictures and you can’t even push them away. Then they’ll make up another scandal that the Pakistani umpire is rude.”

Kapoor, lodging her complaint against Rauf, said “My complaint is that I had an affair with a Pakistani umpire and we had a very good relationship. We were like husband and wife. But he has started to ignore me since the past 10 days.” She added that Rauf called her around three days back and called it off with her. “He said he doesn’t know me and asked me to never call him back.”

Kapoor, giving details of the relationship with Rauf, said that she met him in March in Sri Lanka through a friend. “He said he liked me and asked me for my number, but I did not give it to him. He got my number through a friend. I came back to India and we started talking on the phone. He had said ‘I love you’ to me in Sri Lanka only.

“I was terribly sick, so he gave me a surprise and came to my home in Mumbai to take care of me. He lived with me for one day and then went away.” Kapoor said, but when Rauf was asked whether he went to her house, he denied it saying he does not where she lives.

However, Kapoor added that Rauf had called her in Pune later when he had come for a match and said that we can’t meet otherwise as we have different passports, so let’s meet in Pune.

“He said we can’t live without each other so let’s get married. I will meet your family as well. I told him I can’t marry right now as I am too busy with work so he said that we will marry after 2-3 months.”

Kapoor added that Rauf then came to Delhi before a match in Chandigarh. “He called me and said that he wanted to talk to my parents. I said I can’t marry right now, so he said we should at least meet up. Then we went for shopping and then dinner. At the dinner, he said in front of everyone that I was his wife.”

“I had told him that I was a model and my career was in Mumbai, so he said he will come to Mumbai and live with me. He said he will fulfill all my needs. He used to ask me which house I like so he can buy it for me…. I just want him to fulfill all the promises he made to me,” Kapoor appealed.

Rauf, clearing the allegations, said that he travels with a lot of people. “There is difference between being friends and knowing someone. Friends do not talk like this. They don’t take advantage of cheap publicity.”

He added that his family is satisfied with him and trusts him fully. “I never cheat on anyone. If I had to marry her, I would have done so.”

“She wanted to come in the limelight, and she has.”