‘Witnesses of Sialkot lynching on ECL’

“It is feared that some people will run away from the country so we have put their names on the ECL,” Malik said.

Express August 23, 2010

Witnesses of the lynching of two brothers in Sialkot have been put on the Exit Control List (ECL), said Interior Minister Rehman Malik on Sunday.

“It is feared that some people will run away from the country so we have put their names on the ECL,” Malik said while speaking to reporters after offering condolences to the family of the two teenage boys – Mughees Butt and  Muneeb Butt – who were lynched by a mob earlier this month in Sialkot. He added that 10 accused have been arrested, four of whom are policemen. “In this whole situation, the policemen standing there are more to blame,” Malik said.

“This crime is too grave. No law in the world allows this. It is inhuman,” the minister said. Even if someone commits a crime, it is the job of the police to prove it and the court’s job to punish,” he added.

Accompanying the interior minister, Governor Punjab Salman Taseer also strongly condemned the incident and said: “I apologise to my people for this awful incident. These murders have brought disgrace to the nation all over the world.”

Meanwhile, PML-N leader Nawaz Sharif and his brother Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif said that those accused in the brutal murders will not be spared. In a press conference at the house of MNA Khawaja Muhammad Asif, Shahbaz said the provincial government has formed an investigation committee to probe into the incident.

The committee will be in addition to the committees formed earlier by the Supreme Court and the Punjab police. Additional IG CID of the provincial police will head the committee and nominate three officials for investigations.

However, the mother of the two boys has no trust in the investigations.  “The police were there when my sons were tortured. I have no faith in what they do,” she said. The video of the incident shows police and Rescue 1122 personnel at the scene watching the boys being beaten to death.  A police van is also seen behind the truck carrying the bodies across town.

Spokesperson of Rescue 1122, Faheem Jehanzeb, said that the director general of their department Dr Rizwan Naseer has formed an inquiry committee to investigate the issue.

Meanwhile a large number of people staged a protest against the police for their role in the lynching of the two brothers. They also attacked an office of the Rescue 1122 and ransacked the furniture.

Published in The Express Tribune, August 23rd, 2010.

Correction: September 13, 2010

An earlier version of this article stated the name of the brothers as Moiz and Muneeb. The names are Mughees and Muneeb and have been corrected.


Waqar | 11 years ago | Reply @ Ghania It would be interesting to know where you cite your sources from and whether they are credible. Deceased Bilal's (May Allah, Most Merciful, Most High, grant him Jannah) wife and his father Shaukat Ali Bhatti have given questionable and contradictory statements to both the media and the judicial inquiry investigative panel. You cannot flippantly pass judgment that the tow brothers were robber/murderers, entirely based on the accounts of the perpetrators themselves, without investigating the evidence from both afflicted parties. I suggest you Google 'Text of inquiry report on Sialkot tragedy' By Justice Kazim Ali Malik
Ghania | 11 years ago | Reply @ Shahzeb, You got me all wrong... i wasnt trying to justify that inhumane act. I was just trying to show how we all are being unfair to the family of deceased Bilal. An article "New controversy about Sialkot killings arises" from "THE NEWS" of 1st September 2010, page number 12 says "Shaukat, whose one son was killed on Augest 15, and the secnd is seriously injured while the third has been arrested laments the attitude of police and others, especially media, for giving a cold shoulder to him. In an interview with this correspondent he said neither the commission called him nor the police. "I was not allowed to meet my son who has been arrested because the police did not allow me to get it", said Bilal's father. He said that his family was passing through such a miserable period but no one was ready to even listen to him." Secondly, the same article says that the whole village was ready to record their statements on oath, the family of the deceased Bilal claims that the two youths were dacoits and were caught red-handed on the occasion of looting Bilal and his brother, and the report of civil intelligence agency has also declared that the two boys were dacoits. Thirdly, when media arrived on the funeral of Muneeb and Mughees, they kept on asking for those boys who were playing cricket on that day with them, but the family couldnt produce a single one infont of them. What else do we need? can all the villagers, family of Bilal and the facts that i placed before you be false? Now i come to my point, that even if they were dacoits and they killed Bilal on that day, they shouldnt have been treated like that. Since we all are muslims, Islam teaches us to be fair and do justice. So the people should've brought those criminals before judge and then after a fair trial, their punishment should've been decided. But unfortunately, when someone goes through this type of situation, his rational mind thinks that how many people under same circumstances get justice from our courts, police and etc? So this is the point, people here are forced to take justice in their own hands, and trust me with all this currupt system around, we have no reason blame them for this. The ones who should be blamed for this incident are not these people, its the currupt system who failed to provide them justice.
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