Allegations against the CJ: PPP suspends Abidi from core committee

Party's secretary also issues show cause notice to Senator Faisal Raza Abidi.

Web Desk August 06, 2012

Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) on Monday took notice of the press conference held by Senator Faisal Raza Abidi on Sunday and suspended him from the party’s core committee after issuing him a show cause notice, Express News reported.

He is also barred from entering the Aiwan-e-Sadr.

The party has asked him to resign from the post of PPP Karachi division president.

Abidi hurled fiery allegations at Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry in his press conference and had demanded a resignation from him and other judges who were reinstated under the Provisional Constitutional Order (PCO).

The party’s secretary, Jehangir Badar, issued the show cause notice to him. Abidi confirmed receiving the notice.

During a press conference in Islamabad, Abidi had held Justice Chaudhry responsible for the alleged financial impropriety done by his son, Dr Arsalan Iftikhar.

The senator had said that if the chief justice does not tender a resignation, then he will “force him out from the same way he had been restored as a judge.”

The senator had produced bank account statements of Dr Arsalan and had said that the person who used to “work under somebody else” now owns billions of rupees. He also showed that the billing address mentioned was that of the Chief Justice House in Islamabad.


[email protected] | 9 years ago | Reply


This video will put Late Benazir standing in Jeopardy as well. She actually supported CJ. There is an arrest warrant for Musharaf already. What else you expect him to do?

Yes, I agree with your point about action against elected leaders. I believe he should continue like this for next upcoming Govt (PMLN OR others) too, hence not only PPP. Only time will tell.

Mirza | 9 years ago | Reply

Here is a video evidence that has been presented to CJ many times but he only loves to take action against PPP and elected leaders only. Gen Mush and his cronies are still safe because throwing judges in detention with their kids was not contempt. Here is Sheikh Rashid about CJ:

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