US releases $280m for Mangla, Tangi dam uplift

Funds will support improvements in Mangla Dam and diligence work on Kurram Tangi Dam.

Ppi August 03, 2012
US releases $280m for Mangla, Tangi dam uplift

ISLAMABAD: In its bid to ease Pakistan’s energy crisis, the US Congress has released $280 million in new US assistance to support Pakistan’s energy sector. The funds will support improvements in the Mangla Dam and infrastructure support and due diligence work on the Kurram Tangi Dam project.

Talking to PPI on Friday, US Embassy Spokesperson Mark Stroh said that the $280 million fund has no link with the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) recently inked between Pakistan and the US for resumption of Nato supply to US-led International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) stationed in Afghanistan.

He said that it was pre-planned and negotiations have already been afoot since long for the release of the much-needed fund, adding that the US has much concern about the people of Pakistan who are experiencing up to 20-hours power outages daily.

Stroh went on saying that the US was happy over the release of the fund, as it would help in mitigating the woes of the people of Pakistan.

"Relieving Pakistan's energy crisis is top priority for our civilian assistance program," he said and added that the US approach consists of high-impact projects aimed at increasing Pakistan's energy resources and helping power sector institutions more effectively to meet the country's energy needs.

Ongoing projects supported by the United States include uplift of the Gomal Zam Dam, which will generate 17.4 megawatts of hydroelectric power; the Satpara Dam, which will provide 17.7 megawatts of power to a local grid; the Muzzafargarh Power Station, which will increase the generation capacity of the power station by 475 megawatts; the Jamshoro Power Station project, which will enable the station to restore at least 150 megawatts of power generation capacity; and the Tarbela Dam modernisation project, which will add 128 megawatts in power generation capacity.


Khalid Mehmood | 11 years ago | Reply We should be thankful to the US for this assistance. I also pay tribute to Mr. Salim Saifullah Khan who had a major role in highlighting and advocating the Kurram Tangi Dam project, and pursuing USAID and other international donor agencies to provide funding for this project. I hope this project will go a long way in meeting energy and water requirements of the area.
Ahmer Ali | 11 years ago | Reply

The US' officials have succeeded in their mission that Pakistan should never be able to stand on its feet to get real sovereignty and should always be dependent on US' aid as the beggars and slaves and should never see towards the China,Iran and other Islamic countries for economic developments and developing the infrastructures of its projects and always requests USA for the solution of any its problems and difficulties in the future and US' main purpose is to withdraw from its position from Iran-Pakistan gas pipeline project in which US is seeming successful by giving aid and other financial supports.......

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