Summer pleasure: Misaal Lawn

Designer duo Ayesha Hussain and Saniya Munir tell us some dos and don’ts about lawn!

August 02, 2012

Styling lawn on a budget

Initially when clients bought a three-piece suit, all they got was the fabric.

They then needed to spend time, energy and extra money to buy accessories such as laces and buttons, get them dyed and finally send them to the tailor.

But not anymore — now it’s a one-stop shop. You buy the full package and take it to your tailor.

This saves you a lot of money and you get a cool summery lawn outfit which suits the weather and looks dressy enough to wear on any special occasion

Adjusting it to your body type

We tend to wear lawn because it makes us feel cool and the feeling of the fabric is just perfect for the hot sticky summer weather.

We advise that when stitching your outfit, you look at a few key points:

Body shape and height

If you are not comfortable wearing lots of extra fabric, make your shirts straighter.

Make them A-line as opposed to loads of kallis and this will give the shirt a trendy look without adding unnecessary bulkiness.

Your height plays a big role in the length you decide to go with.

Long lengths can make you look taller and give you a long silhouette, but on the downside you might lose yourself if you are petite. Trends are changing so you can pick out different shirt lengths. It is now time to play around with different kinds of cuts, lengths and overall styles.

As shown in our catalogue, you can mix it up — wear them long or short.

This changes your whole look, adding variety to your wardrobe and making it more interesting.

Colour trends this season

Lawn is all about colours.

Shades of pink and blues are always the most popular.

Next season, we think pinks, blues, yellows, greens and reds will be more prevalent. White and beige with contrasting shades, on the other hand, always look good and suit every complexion.

What not to do

Small boxy shirts don’t work with this fabric. Keep in mind that if lawn has too many embellishments, it tends to look distasteful and not elegant.

How to dress it up

The client doesn’t need to think of how the outfits will be designed, as all the hard work is being done for them!

The design houses and mills are putting together the full package along with additional accessories.

The client is being provided with a “look-book” as well.

So sit back and enjoy!

What’s different

Our summer lawn collection is very versatile.

It encompasses a whole list of ideas that can be used by different clients, each suited to an individual clients’ need.

It doesn’t restrict you, in fact it helps you understand your style better.

What change do you see coming next year in lawn trends?

We see a lot of different elements being added. For example, different fabrics being used for dupattas along with various types of embroideries, keeping the outfit elegant.

Published in The Express Tribune, August 3rd, 2012.