Kidnapping, murder: Couple in custody ‘confesses’ to human organ harvest

Suspects were arrested for kidnapping a child, another body later found on their indication had missing organs.

Owais Jafri July 31, 2012


Mitro police have arrested a couple and their two accomplices who they claim have confessed to involvement in human organs’ trade.

Station house officer Tariq Salaar told The Express Tribune that they had filed murder and kidnapping cases against Muhammad Sarwar and Haleema Bibi. They are accused of killing an unidentified girl, whose body was recovered on their indication, and kidnapping a six-year-old boy, who is yet to be traced.

The SHO said a police team was interrogating the suspects about the whereabouts of the kidnapped child. He said he hoped the child would be recovered in a few days.  He added that the suspects had admitted to having kidnapped and killed other children whose organs were later sold off.

The SHO said the police had found the body of another child on indication of the suspects from the graveyard of the village.

He said most organs, including kidneys, lungs and heart, were found missing in an autopsy later carried out at rural health centre in Mailsi. Dr Naeem Ahmed said the organs had been removed from the body when the child was alive. He said the body was later burnt with acid.

The autopsy report stated that it was a girl’s body. The child’s age was estimated at around eight years. It said the child had been killed about nine days ago. “No one turned up to identify the body so we buried it ourselves,” the SHO said.

The matter was reported to the police by Omar Hayat, father of the kidnapped child. In his application to Mitro police, Hayat said his six-year-old son had gone missing from near his home in Chak 94/WB on July 24. He said the suspects had also gone away from their home in the same village the same day. He said a panchayat had been arranged where some unidentified men had assured him that his son was safe and would be returned.

Published in The Express Tribune, August 1st, 2012.