Hafiz Saeed warns of water dispute with India, urges dialogue

Hafiz Saeed urged the Pakistan government to hold serious dialogue with India to resolve the issue of water flow.

Ppi July 31, 2012

SIALKOT: Jamaatud Daawa (JuD) chief Prof. Hafiz Muhammad Saeed, who is part of the Difa-e-Pakistan Council (DPC), on Monday warned about an alleged plan by India to make Pakistan barren by impeding the flow of water in the rivers feeding Pakistan. He urged the government to hold serious dialogues with India over this crucial issue, which would be devastating for the agro-based economy of Pakistan.

The JuD chief stated this while addressing a meeting of party workers in Sialkot on Monday. He was of the view that a friendship with India would never be successful.



The distribution and flow of water from India to Pakistan is governed under the Indus water treaty. However, India has sought to build dams on the rivers on its side of the border, raising concerns for Pakistan which has taken its neighbours to an international court of arbitration.

Hafiz Saeed narrated that the international community could never ignore the sacrifices rendered by the people of Indian administered Jammu and Kashmir for freedom of the valley from Indian yoke. He said that the sun of Kashmiri Freedom will soon rise and the sacrifices of thousands of Kashmiris would bear fruit.


The city of Sialkot lies at a mere 20 minutes drive from the Pakistan-India international border. It takes a further 40 more minutes to drive to Jammu, the main city in the disputed Jammu and Kashmir.

He expressed complete solidarity with the oppressed people of Indian administered Jammu and Kashmir. He also expressed grave concern over the rising human rights violations, custodial killings and genocide of innocent Kashmiris by the Indian Army.

He was of the view that these practices were enough to shake the conscience of the international community into action. He also urged the world community to use its influence to globally pressurise India for halting inhuman practices against residents of the valley.

However, he soon returned to the DPC's stance to agitate against the recently restored NATO supply line through Pakistan and according the Most Favoured Nation (MFN) status to India.


Rajendra Kalkhande | 11 years ago | Reply

Saeed Sahab ! Please ask Pakistani government to open India's trade routes to Afghanistan, Iran and central Asia. Rest assured, we Indians will walk an mile to make sure that Pakistan gets her share of water. Please don't forget that Afghanistan and Iran were India's neighbors till 1947.

pravin | 11 years ago | Reply

@polpot i support @bagroo here. Pak foreign policy is like Hafiz Saeed and Hina is its fascade. It is easier to deal with the real face than fasacde.

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