Rohrabacher seeks information on missing BSO member

US Congressman asks State Department to provide him with all information regarding BSO vice president Zakir Majeed

Huma Imtiaz July 30, 2012
Rohrabacher seeks information on missing BSO member

WASHINGTON: US Congressman Dana Rohrabacher has asked the US State Department to provide his office with information on the disappearance of Zakir Majeed, the vice chairman of the Baloch Student Organisation, who was reportedly abducted in June 2009.

According to the letter sent by Rep. Rohrabacher’s office to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, the Republican Congressman said, “on June 8, 2009 an ethnic Baloch named Zakir Majeed was abducted, likely by agents of Pakistani intelligence. I ask that the State Department provide my office with all information about the kidnapping and kidnappers of Majeed.”

The press release sent by Rep. Rohrabacher’s office says that. “Human rights groups have recorded hundreds of cases of ethnic Baloch men disappearing or allegedly being killed by Pakistan’s security forces.”

The release further alleged that the Pakistani government uses kidnapping and murder as a tool to repress Baloch who express a desire for autonomy.

Rep. Rohrabacher is the Chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations. In 2012, he introduced legislation asking for the citizens of Balochistan to be given the right of self-determination. He has also introduced a bill asking for Dr Shakil Afridi to be given the Congressional Gold Medal and US citizenship. In February 2012, he held a Congressional hearing on the state of human rights in Balochistan.


Observer | 11 years ago | Reply

@ungrateful: "How about probing the massacre of Palestinian refugees ( only 5 thousand) ????"

Did you know that of the 5000 you are talking several hundreds Palestinians were butchered by Pakistani soldiers headed by Zia ul Haq in the 70's when Pakistan supported the king of Jordan? That was the reason Yasser Arafat would not visit Pakistan when he was visiting India

HUMZA RIND | 11 years ago | Reply

On torture cells Baloch Student were told that they are protecting and taking revenge of punjabis being killed in Balochistan and on line of fire during execution gunners were told that these Baloch are anti islam and agent of US and Israel killing them is like serving God, thats what happens when a single ethnic group take control of all security and bureaucratic positions and rest of ethnic groups especially sindhi and Baloch are eventually eliminated.

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