Mystery and Mysticism: Realism and romance between nature and man, now online

Up and coming artist Sobia Tassadduq’s pieces go up on display.

Sehrish Ali July 28, 2012


It was only a matter of time before art shows made the move online.

Gallery 6 has started exhibiting works online on its website for art loves around the world ( Art connoisseurs can view the works online, check their specifications and order them. The artwork will be delivered to them via courier.

The online mode is particularly suitable for up and coming artists, who are unable to arrange a solo or group show, but still want their work put out there for all to see. The latest addition to Gallery 6’s online exhibit is Sobia Tassadduq’s seven pieces of art works on mixed media titled “Mystery and Mysticism”.

The collection is a display of emotions portrayed through nature. “I believe that a person’s emotions are heightened when surrounded by nature; at least that’s how I feel, like when I see a sunset, it’s what truly inspires me,” said Tassadduq.

In all her pieces, one notices the play of realism and romance between nature and man, as her effortless strokes depict the sun and moon in every piece. “The sun and moon is my signature style, I’m intrigued with the relationship between the two.”

Each paintings title evidently portrays human emotions through the use of colours. The piece on “struggle to success” showcases dark melancholy colours of red and purple swirling around a dark moon while “isolation” gives off an eerie effect of white, light blue with a lonely tree surrounded by these colours.

With a master’s degree in Fine Arts, Tassadduq plans on broadening her art forte by experimenting with human figures. At the moment her mixed media consist of using oil, water colours and acrylic paints on paper.

Although new to the art scene her technique with mixed media depicts a finesse that can help her in making a name for herself in the art world.

Published in The Express Tribune, July 28th, 2012.

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