Extortion retaliation?: Grenade thrown at departmental store

One man was injured and at least three vehicles caught fire.

Faraz Khan July 27, 2012

KARACHI: A man was injured while at least three vehicles caught fire when armed men threw a hand grenade outside a departmental store near the NIPA flyover on Friday evening. 

The Chase departmental store is situated near the NIPA Chowrangi in Gulshan-e-Iqbal within the limits of Aziz Bhatti police station.

Upon being alerted on the attack, a heavy contingent of Rangers and police reached the site while the bomb disposal squad was also summoned to the site.

Police officials said that two men riding a motorcycle had thrown the grenade. They added that some parked vehicles were partially damaged in the attack.

The assailants managed to make good their escape.

Officials believed the grenade was thrown after the store operators refused to pay extortion money, before hastily adding that investigation were still underway.


Khalq e Khuda | 11 years ago | Reply @Tribal Insafian: Actually we do blame this on judiciary sir! All the criminals caught in Karachi are released on bail by judiciary, the strongest evidence presented by police is not accepted by Courts and they are allowed to roam free. Case in point Afaq Ahmed whom the PPP cum MQM government tried its best to convict but judges and agencies won't let it be. But I assure you the PPP government got suicide bombing in Sindh in control and we shall get this in control sooner than later. Ps: No grenade factories in Sindh, I wonder how do they get to Karachi from Darra unchecked despite tonnes of checkposts?
CHAIRMAN MAO | 11 years ago | Reply

day after day WE SEE KARACHI as a battle ground... why do not all the failed politicos from all reflections resign and let more able persons take up the cause to bring about peace and tranquility (as it is you have made enough illegal money) ... evident it is to all everywhere in the city how these failed politicians have produced a failed police force along side a failed legal prosecution. volumes and volumes can be written about how these 3 collective branches have failed the masses of karachi....last case in recent memory was when an entire police force failed to arrest a wanted criminal in Lyari yet day after day during this drama tv anchors were doing fresh interviews with the most wanted. even our Jails can not afford to buy mobile/data JAMMERS because it is a open secret in karachi that most crimes occur on command from inside.....yet our city administration has enough money for the CM house & Governor house... cars planes servants etc etc.... we have graduated from a TT city to a GRANADE city..... soon we will see RPG's and shoulder mounted rockets with the criminals. failed politicos blame Gen Zia for all of this ... however foolish they look while saying it ... but NONE have come up with a remedy for the CUREABLE disease which clearly says they could not care less for the masses...... CITIZENS NOTE AND UNDERSTAND our politicos/police/government prosecutors only care about rigging votes, how to make money while in office and then blame others. MAY PEACE PREVAIL ...AMEEN

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