Parliamentarians merely public servants, nothing more: Justice Khawaja

Everyone collectively striving to maintain a democratic system in country, says chief justice.

Web Desk July 27, 2012

ISLAMABAD: Remarking on the conduct of parliament members, Justice Jawwad S Khawaja stated that the servants of the public forget their true place and begin considering themselves the owners of the country, Express News reported on Friday.

“Parliament members are merely servants of the people and nothing more, they even get paid by the public,” said Khawaja.

He is a member of the five-member bench that is hearing petitions against the contempt law in the Supreme Court.

Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry, heading the bench, resumed the hearing for petitions lodged against the Contempt of Court Act 2012 passed earlier.

He said that everyone was collectively striving to maintain a democratic system in the country. “The constitution has kept us united,” said Justice Chaudhry.

The Supreme Court of Pakistan, after it received the records for the parliamentary debate that led to the formation of the contempt law, stated that the records would help shed light on the reasons behind the law’s conception.

The court had earlier ordered the federation to submit records of the parliamentary debate.

Chief Justice Chaudhry, on Thursday, rubbished murmurs of a constitutional crisis if the new contempt law was struck down by the apex court.

The Supreme Court has already shot down the government’s plea for forming a full bench on the matter, as well as a request for adjourning the hearing for a longer period of time to allow its counsels to prepare their arguments.


Mozart | 11 years ago | Reply

First of all Justice Khawaja is one of the best judges of Pakistan and has an impeccable character and record as a judge. Secondly, most of you are taking the statement of Justice Khawaja in the wrong context. He is saying this because people and politicians of Pakistan have forgotten that politicians are public servants. Just look at the treatment general public is given by these politicians.

waqas ahmad | 11 years ago | Reply

i do not think so these are servant of the country they are liar liar in every filed of they makes fools to the people in the real life you can meet him they say we have no time for public if they are public servant i do not think so pakistan going very condiotion power faliuer why they are not speak up public matters why they are not talk they are just passing the time doing forigen trips and staying in expeness hotel they are want protcal and police scceurity why they are not think like comman man

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