US has greatly reduced threat of 9/11 repeat from Pakistan: ex-UNCT chief

Ex-US NCTC director Michael Leiter says risk of Pakistan's nukes falling into militant hands is still a concern.

Huma Imtiaz July 26, 2012

ASPEN: A Former US National Counterterrorism Center director Michael Leiter has said that that the US has greatly reduced the chance of another 9/11 originating from Pakistan.

Speaking at a session on the role of the NCTC at the Aspen Security Forum and accompanied by current director Matthew Olsen, Leiter said that the US has been doing very well in terms of gains against al Qaeda in Pakistan. "Its not impossible, but very difficult for al Qaeda in Pakistan to launch an attack outside its borders," said Leiter.

Matthew Olsen, the current NCTC director, said that the issues with Pakistan are much broader than just counterterrorism. He added that the country faced political, military and security challenges.

David Sanger, author of Conceal and Confront and a moderator of the session, asked the two about the threat of Pakistan’s nuclear weapons falling into the hands of militants. Leiter opined that that possibility did remain a concern, however both countries in the past had worked on the issue. Worryingly, he added that in a country that had militants who had launched sophisticated attacks on military installations, the US had reason to be concerned.

The Aspen Security Forum will feature speakers from current and former US administrations. Ambassadors from Pakistan and Afghanistan are also scheduled to address the forum.


j. von hettlingen | 11 years ago | Reply

With so many drone attacks directed at alleged militants in the tribal areas between Afghanistan and Pakistan, it comes as no surprise that they look for shelter somewhere else, in Iraq, Syria or Yemen!

RS | 11 years ago | Reply Seems this guy just woke up from a deep sleep. Hellooooo, are you ok, if you say 9/11 was originated from Israel n now chances are less, world may believe BUT coming up with such a weird statement indicate that you guys not only lost nurves but brain as well. May you God has mercy of your poor n measarable soul.
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