We trust NADRA, Pakistan's passport system: British High Commissioner

Adam Thomson says sneaking into Olympics squad through illegal means is impossible.

Web Desk July 26, 2012
We trust NADRA, Pakistan's passport system: British High Commissioner

ISLAMABAD: We trust Pakistan’s passport issuance system and the National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA), said British High Commissioner to Pakistan Adam Thomson on Thursday.

Commenting on the recent passport scam claim by the British tabloid The Sun at Islamabad Press Club, Thomson said that sneaking into an  Olympics squad through illegal means is impossible.

“We are satisfied with the passport issuance system of Pakistan and Nadra,” he said, adding that no country is free of defects.

The Sun had earlier claimed to have broken into a crime ring which was issuing fake passports and visas, giving potential terrorists a chance to sneak into Britain along with Pakistan’s Olympic delegation.

Responding to those who wish to acquire a British passport, Thomson said interested Pakistanis should not seek help of unofficial agents. “The system in place at the British embassy is very simple and it can be contacted for assistance,” he said.

The British High Commissioner also mentioned that around 4,000 people tried to get the British passport through fake documents last year but were caught.


Chanakya | 11 years ago | Reply

When Abu Jundal was arrested with a pakistani passport, you say pakistani passports are really easy to fake, so all terrorists have them, it does not prove state support. When people say terrorists may sneak into britain on fake pakistani passports, you say pakistani passports are impossible to fake. Make up your minds!

Alif | 11 years ago | Reply

@ Hegdefunder I am not saying that match fixing convictions were wrong, the point why media hype is created, A few English players have confessed match fixing in county cricket but it's never highlighted. And I am a tax payer of this country and don't have any disrespect to the state. And before asking us to leave you must consider Leaving Afghanistan and Iraq at first where so many innocents are killed every day.

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