Cleaning up the mess: PSO demotes seven general managers

Action taken following findings of a four-member investigative committee.

Zafar Bhutta July 23, 2012


The top management of Pakistan State Oil (PSO) has taken action and demoted several general managers who were promoted in violation of the promotion policy set by the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Resources.

Perks and privileges of the demoted officials have also been withdrawn, say sources.

The action was taken on Monday following findings of a four-member committee constituted by Adviser to Prime Minister on Petroleum and Natural Resources Dr Asim Hussain.

The committee comprised PSO Board of Management Chairman Suhail Wajahat, PSO Managing Director Naeem Yahya Mir, Petroleum Ministry’s Joint Secretary Hamid Asghar and the head of human resource committee of PSO’s board of management.

The committee gave a presentation to Hussain on its findings relating to the promotion cases before taking action.

When approached, committee member Hamid Asghar remarked, “Yes, the committee has found irregularities in promotion cases and now action has been taken to ensure transparency in the whole process of promotion.”

According to the sources, seven general managers have been demoted to the post of deputy general manager. They either failed the tests, interviews or did not meet required criteria of the promotion policy.

In February this year, several deputy general managers had been promoted and made general managers, but many senior officials were ignored, raising eyebrows. Some managers were also promoted to the post of deputy general manager.

Media reports about the promotion of blue-eyed boys prompted the government to press the joint secretary of petroleum ministry to seek a report from PSO, the largest oil marketing company of the country. After assessing the report submitted by the PSO management, it was established that promotions were made by following a ‘pick and choose’ policy ignoring merit and seniority.

According to the sources, the acting managing director gave acting charge of general manager to several junior officers.

“The petroleum ministry had given a promotion policy under which officers had to undergo tests and interviews, but the officers were promoted while ignoring the criteria,” a source said, adding the ministry then formed a four-member committee to conduct tests and interviews.

“Now, two officers have been promoted to the post of senior general manager and six officers have been made general manager after passing tests and interviews,” the source said, adding orders had been issued. New promotions will be made in June 2013.

Talking to The Express Tribune, PSO Managing Director Naeem Yahya Mir stressed, “there is no demotion as they (officers) were on probation. In addition, the process is still not finalised as it needs ratification from the board.”

Published in The Express Tribune, July 24th, 2012. 


sohail | 11 years ago | Reply

@Sana Bucha: Ms Bucha i believe you are the same TV anchor who is known for her fiery approach. I really appreciate that somebody from the journalist community has finally used the words YELLOW JOURNALISM, you must also ask why members of board committees have to use such tactics the answer is because they are bulldozed into doing things which these common mortals do not agree with but cannot stop, Chairman of the Board is a smooth talking arm twister who not only pressurizes the members but uses every trick in the book to promote a culture of favoritism, PlEASE don't take my word for it but discretely inquire yourself .I implore you to dig out the facts and save this organization which is an asset of the country but is being run as a fiefdom by people who have no clue of this industry. Thanks.

Sana Bucha | 11 years ago | Reply

This is another case of yellow journalism. A vilicfication campaign was run by only one news paper i.e Express Tribune on the behest of certain individuals present in the board commitee. The merits and demerits of each individuals were not taken into consderation. As a result all those who didnot have connections in the right place were dropped. Those that have been dropped can only prey as their caree has been adversely affected by the smeer campaign, and Allah wrath be bestowed upon those who ran the smear campaign

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