Twitter Alert: Prayers, protests and a cup of coffee

Twitterati slam diner who claims she was denied space to pray inside local cafe's premises.

Web Desk July 22, 2012

Local coffee shop and cafe Espresso was at the centre of a social media flurry on Sunday, following an online protest led by an irate diner who claimed she was denied space to pray inside the cafe's premises.

While those in support of the diner launched a protest across Facebook calling for the waiter who dealt with the diner to be fired, Twitter users were quick to come to Espresso's defence, condemning the protest.

Top tweets

Arisha Haider

Ok so the aunty is making fuss of not getting a place to pray but what exactly was she doing at #Espresso in roza timing?

Awais Masood

#Espresso Religiosity within Pakistani elite is the most hypocritical and ugly thing I have ever seen in my life

Rizwan Liaqat

Just read about the #Espresso incident. If I remember correctly, they had a space for praying under the stairs last year.

Tooba Hatif Farooqi

Whats the big deal if there wasn't a place to pray? Use the chair ppl! my work place doesnt have praying area am I protesting? no? #Espresso

zulfiqar haider

RT @PartyLiciouS_FS: Protest outside #Espresso #Lahore just coz they dun have space 4 women 2 pray? Bottom line ridiculous n waste of time!

Shoaib Taimur

What’s wrong with twitter? 2loony men have screamed defamation, people are obsessing over the #espresso incident. Stop taking it seriously.

madeeha syed

And I'm going to say it again: Leave #Espresso alone!!

marium arif

Can someone please knock some sense into both the #Espressoprotesters and their opposers...with a baseball bat? #ShutUpAlready

Fasi Zaka

I personally think #espresso was just afraid that veena malik might pop in to pray now that Hero TV won't let her.

Bee Nish

There is a prayer area at #Espresso it's called a chair. U face it towards qibla and pray. No one will stop u.


I went to Pizza Hut this morning at 3am for sehri and they were shut!! I demand an apology & ask them to open so I can eat. #espresso


Sara | 11 years ago | Reply

Remind me next time to demand a cup of coffee from my local mosque.. oh wait they don't have a female praying section.....

HADI SAKEY | 11 years ago | Reply

If there is no place earmarked for prayers go to a nearby mosque or go home. Why create fuss just to show off your religiosity? If you have to pray please don't leave your house at Iftar time. Do not disturb others in espresso or any coffee shop. If you have to say your Namaz then carry your Janamaz under your arms and lay it behind the espresso shop and fulfill your religious duty.

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