Is Aisamul Haq single again?

Faha Akmal alleges that both of them are ‘done with each other’.

Ali Usman July 16, 2012


The news of tennis star Aisamul Haq separating ways with Faha Akmal made the rounds on major television networks Sunday.  The pair had tied the knot in December last year and were said to have had a rocky union thus far.

Sources revealed that Haq has signed divorce papers and sent them to Faha Akmal in London.

Aisamul Haq’s father Ehtishamul Haq has denied the divorce proceedings over a text message and admonished the media for the “scandalous broadcast of such personal matters.”

Interestingly, Faha has confirmed the divorce.  Communicating through Facebook, she writes: “I respect Ehtishaam Uncle, but he is wrong about the divorce. Aisam and I are not happy with each other, and Aisam has already signed the divorce papers”.

In yet another comment she talks about their embittered marriage, “Aisam has a very busy life. He plays tennis for 38 weeks in a year. He never gave me enough time or treated me as a wife.”

Faha elaborates that there were many misunderstandings between her and Aisam, particularly in the last two months.

The decision to dissolve the marriage is quite mutual since they are both “done with each other”.

She explains that the contrast between her stance and that of her father-in-law arises because their “families don’t want to reveal the issue.”

Aisam and Faha were engaged for some six months before their marriage. After the wedding, Faha flew back to London after spending some two months at Aisam’s residence in Lahore.

Since then, Aisam has been visiting her in London from time to time.

Faha’s facebook page, however, still has her wedding photograph with Aisam as her background picture.

Published in The Express Tribune, July 16th, 2012.


dr nasir | 10 years ago | Reply

lets pray for both for good news

Amina Khalid | 10 years ago | Reply

Lol ! Lets face it aisam ul haq is no federer or djokovic who play tennis round the year but yet mrs federer is seen at all matches and never complains if this is faha's reason its laughable sportsmen allover the world have gruelling training regimes and seasons to endure for 9 months a year yet there wives all stick to them and get on with it ! There is more to it then meets the eye ! But she made it public when she took it to her public page on facebook not much need of privacy at thia horrible time more like needing publicity !

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