PTI student member killed in Karachi

ISF member Dilawar Ali Awan was shot in the chest thrice by unknown armed men at the Zamzama Street.

Samia Malik/faraz Khan July 15, 2012

KARACHI: A member of Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf’s student wing Insaf Students’ Federation (ISF) was shot dead in Karachi on Sunday.

ISF member Dilawar Ali Awan was shot in the chest thrice by unknown armed men on Zamzama Street within the Clifton police area.

ISF Sindh President Alamgir Khan confirmed that Awan was an ISF member and said that his party has announced a day of mourning for his death.

However, the police stated that the victim was not affiliated with any political party or student organisation and was killed in a personal brawl.

“He was neither a member of any party nor he was killed in a targeted assassination,” SHO Asif Ali Jakharani told The Express Tribune.

“Before claiming his affiliation with the party, the PTI or ISF should have at least confirmed the nature of the incident,” Jakharani said. “I don’t think any party will claim someone who is killed over a call girl as its member.”


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@Muhammad Rohaan Sadiq: we are no more muhajirs we are urdu speakers

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Who are "us" here...Don’t tell me that you are calling yourself a proud Mohajir as well.... you can’t live in ignorance forever! You can’t be proud of something you aren't! If you are not a doctor you just can’t say that you are proud to be a doctor! Is that what you are going to teach your kids this aswell "My son! you are a mohajir (mohajir by birth??)!" Open your eyes and see on your ID card which says that you are a PAKISTANI now.

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