Twitter alert: Shock and awe following Aisam-Faha separation

"All the girls who were sad to hear abt Aisam ul Haq's wedding, he's now on the market again."

Web Desk July 15, 2012

As the news about tennis star Aisamul Haq's separation from his wife Faha Akmal erupted across news channels in Pakistan on Sunday, Pakistanis on Twitter flooded their Timelines with the latest from the episode.

While some of them thought it was an unexpected event, others boasted that it was predictable. However, to some, the ongoing coverage was invasion of privacy by the media.

Top tweets

FQ ‏@faisalqureshi

I condemn media for continuously giving details of aisam’s separation. We r not Americans. We need to respect people’s privacy

Sana barghoob ‏@Sana507

Please aisam nd faha dont 2 do this , u guys need some more time to decide. U made for eachother.

Xeeshan Sharif ‏@DjXeeshan

Wht? its has been only 7months,since media was flashing their marriage event

Sami Shah ‏@samishah

Aisam Ul Haq is pulling a Kardashian?

Bushra Batool ‏@B_Batool

see the level of maturity of people. @TrendsKarachi 'aisam' is now trending in #Karachi

Marium ‏@MsMarium

Aisam-ul-Haq and Faha Makhdum's marriage lasted for 210 days only. #Divorced

Tooba Hatif ‏@iQuoteWhateverr

Aisam ul Haq, Faha Akmal decide to part ways.. Its really sad they both make a really decent couple! what happened?

Syed M Haider ‏@syedmhaider

Divorce of Aisam and Faha is a very private matter that should only discussed while jumpin' up & down on the couch at Nadia Khan Show.

Roha Nadeem ‏@RohaTheManiac

Veena aunty stated earlier that she had a crush on Aisam. Hope this aint some #KaalaJaadu story lol. #AisamKiTalaak

Faizan Lakhani ‏@faizanlakhani

Reportedly, Aisam and Faha couldn't develop understanding, hence decided to part ways.

Saad Hamid ‏@SaadGH

Lo baee aaj ki social media shaam, Aisam aur Faha k naam.

Muaz Raja ‏@muazraja

So I wake up on sunday afternoon and its perhaps a black day for Pakistani sportsmen! Amir khan knocked out & Aisam divorced WTF? *facepalm*

Nimra Ishtiaq ‏@MilitaryMedium

I sincerely hope this "news" about Aisam is just a rumour. In either case, stop flashing it on our TV screens as "breaking news".

Zaitoon Malik ‏@ZaitoonMalik

A bad day for both of our Sports stars. Khan loses & so does Aisam. Best wishes with both.

Hayah Taimur ‏@HayahTaimur

All the girls who were sad to hear abt #Aisam ul Haq's wedding, he's now on the market again

Ali Imtiaz ‏@IAmAliImtiaz

OMG! Can't believe it, what a sad news. Please don't divorce guys.#aisam #faha Aakhir hoa kya hai aisa ke yeh noobat aagayi achanak se?


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Firefly | 10 years ago | Reply


Hasnain Sultan | 10 years ago | Reply

I think Pakistani media is irresponsible because some matters are very personal like Asiam and Faha Divorce why media intrepid people personal i think avoid to highlight these issues

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