I may join politics in the future: Veena Malik

"Sometimes I wish to be a part of this system so I can change things" says Veena.

Web Desk July 02, 2012

Veena Malik is ambitious, there is no doubting that. The controversial actor has now hinted at the possibility of joining politics in the future.

Malik spoke to The Express Tribune exclusively after news started to float that her father was joining the Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) and had wished that she join the party with him.

"Whenever there is something wrong going on in society my blood boils and sometimes I wish to be a part of this system so I can change things," said the actor. She however added that, "At the moment I'm just concentrating on my acting and singing career, and travelling to know this world closely!"

Malik said her father had hoped that her career path would be that of a lawyer or a politician. She went on to say that her father has “great” knowledge of politics and is a “very good speaker and very intelligent man”.

Freedom first

When Malik was asked what issues she would focus on if she joined politics, the actor said “the freedom to live a life the way one wants to be.”

She said that food, clothes and shelter were secondary as most people in the country did not even have the right to think or speak their minds.

“We are forced to live our lives in a certain way, we don't have the right to question things forget the answers!”

Earlier in January, Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) Senator Mushahidullah Khan had called for actor Veena Malik to be made a member of the Senate in the next elections, since this move would at least ensure senators attend Senate sessions.


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weblobby | 8 years ago | Reply

Veena should join Shaikh Rasheed’s party since he always talk about her. BTW Yesterday she wanted to be a singer, today she wants to be a politician…

stone age | 8 years ago | Reply

veena is far better than our politicians.

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