Shutter down strike observed in Quetta after attack on pilgrim bus

Businesses and markets remained closed and traffic on roads was at a minimum.

Web Desk June 29, 2012

QUETTA: Following the blast that killed 14 Shia pilgrims the previous day, a shutter down strike was observed in the city on the appeal of the Hazara Democratic Party, Express News reported on Friday.

Businesses and markets remained closed and traffic on roads was at a minimum.

Alamdar Road, Jinnah Road, Fatima Jinnah Road, Liaquat Market, Prince Road were among areas where life was at a stand still.

Earlier, 14 people were killed and 30 others were injured in a blast that targeted a bus which was transporting Shia pilgrims from Taftan to the provincial capital.


bigsaf | 9 years ago | Reply

@Critics: I'm sorry, I'm not sure what you intended with the rant. You may have misunderstood my support for the Hazaras and other minorities against ethnic and sectarian discrimination, which I tried to explain to another commentator as being prevalent, and why the issues are unable to be tackled and the community is indeed under siege. As much as you may like to defy it with fighting rhetoric, and point Hazaras resilience historically, which I don't doubt even today and not taking any pleasure of portraying 'helplessness', reality is, now, Hazaras need all the help they can get against such overwhelming prejudice and violent odds, and can't simply fight their way out by going it alone, though that is what is happening.

Critics | 9 years ago | Reply

@Bigsaf: So you are ASKING the rest to take this RISK comfortablly! No need to worry? Read about General Musa KHAN HAZARA! I just wish all Hazaras just leave their belongings, their graveyards and go back where they are supposed to be and then lets see if all the things go back to normal in Balochistan!!!!! Pakistani Flag had no respect among Balochs and Majority Pashtuns in this Balochstan! Being a Hazara Mongol soldier I spit on all of you who have no discipline and way of life! And ask you guys to spit on it as well! What have you done is to remove a sincere Hazara community out of the line! Hazaras are confused at large, you have succeeded your goals. But what our old one says: Hazara ham Khuda darad! Hazaras also have their Allah:) Sorry, touching the limits but I love life and after life issue:) Can I ask you a question? The trains which move through Balochistan Tunnels are the longest ones in Pakistan:) Hazaras have their large contribution in those tunnels! Don't and never ignore HAZARA HARDWORKERS at all! We have noticed so far the horn of Islamic Lord with it's corruprt Nature had always fallen at Mongol emperror's Foot Steps! Okay okay, harsh ... Sorry. Old days, History! Mongols are only Millions People! But We have our own ways of thoughts! Can any of those Hazara Mass Murderers stop us thinking? NO! We are everywhere now. We know as a Hazara Pioneers we abandoned. We still remember how Hazaras were used as a tool! World is working on Genetic Engineering and we are engineering on Mass Murders!!!!

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