Shoe hurled during flag hoisting

Shoe was thrown by a policeman at Chief Minister of Jammu and Kashmir during India's Independence Day celebrations.

Express/afp August 15, 2010

SRINAGAR: A shoe was thrown by a suspended policeman at the Chief Minister of Jammu and Kashmir Omar Abdullah as he took part in India's Independence Day celebrations at the Bakhshi Stadium in Srinagar on Sunday.

The incident is reported to have taken place as Abdullah was unfurling the Indian national flag to mark India's Independence Day, but it did not disrupt the celebrations.

Omar Abdullah commented on the incident, saying this isn’t how to protest. The chief minister also said he was happy the protestor had not thrown a stone at him.

The shoe was thrown from the third row of the VIP lounge by a suspended constable of police, who missed his target and proceeded to wave a black flag and shout "We want freedom". He was escorted away immediately.

The incident is seen to be a huge embarrassment for the government, and a massive security breach as there was said to be unprecedented security to prevent protests and militant attacks.

Authorities had extended a curfew on Sunday to celebrate Independence Day in most parts of their controlled Kashmir after six people were killed and 10 wounded on Friday and Saturday as Indian police fired at thousands of demonstrators, the latest deaths in the two month-long protests against New Delhi's rule in the region.


Anoop | 11 years ago | Reply @Avaaz, "India will be partitioned again on the basis of humanity. It’s about humanity and what Kashmiris want, not the present condition of the nation of Pakistan or what they want." Oh my bad. I didnt know Pakistanis raised a hue and cry when 500 k Kashmiri Pandits were driven out of Kashmir, their home! Why? Do I really need to explain? Its because of the same reason Pakistanis didnt oppose army's operations in East Pakistan. They thought,"oh, let them kill the evil Hindus who are responsible for this unrest". I dont support any kind of killings against anybody. But, India cant be divided again on Religious lines. Think of the poor Muslims who number in Millions in the rest of India! Riots will break out killing millions this time. Do you want that to happen, Avaaz? Do think of humanity that you crave of. I'll give the best solution. Let make borders irrelevant. All the stake holders win in this scenario. Trade booms and there will be peace. That is the deal Mushy and Manmohan had almost arrived at. Hope the talks start soon. But, I dont support talks with the Civilians in Pakistan. I want to talk to the real power centre- Army.
Anwar | 11 years ago | Reply @Arun it is for the Kashmiri people to decide their fate neither any Pakistani or Indian or their politicians, and thus they should be free to represent their views although not in this fashion
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