Tete-a-tete with the man behind ‘Waderai ka Beta’

Comedian Ali Gul Pir talks about his newfound fame.

Our Correspondent June 18, 2012


Has the catchy phrase “Saaen tau saaen, saaen ka kutta bhi saaen” tickled your funny bone? Comedian Ali Gul Pir has now become the face of crude comedy with his first tongue-in-cheek song “Waderai Ka Beta”. The rap song and the sepia-toned YouTube video is a humourous take on the pretentious lifestyle of a feudal lord’s son.

The video, which was uploaded on June 14, has already crossed 150,000 hits on YouTube and elicited a raving response from listeners. Here are a few of the appreciative comments posted under the video:

“Ali Gul Pir should be on the next season of Coke Studio.”

“Best dialogue of 2012!”

“Wow. I could relate to this song so much. Know my fair share of waderey ke betay… pain in the ***.”

While Pir has been doing improvisation comedy with comedians like Saad Haroon and Danish Ali for some time, this song is his official introduction to the Pakistani audience.

When asked what inspired him to write this song, the young comedian candidly says, “I didn’t put any thought into it. I was not even expecting it to go viral. I just woke up one day and the deadly combination of power failure and boredom made me write it.”

The video shows Pir singing in front of a Hummer next to armed bodyguards. He raps about the luxurious brands he wears and the attention he gets because of his money and power, and also refers to how the social status of those around him changes because they are his pals. “The track is a dig at influential people who misuse their authority,” says Pir. “The subject could be anyone from the sons of bureaucrats to tribal leaders.”

RJ for FM89 Khalid Malik is a fan. “I love the song. It’s local, it’s relevant and it’s coming from a Sindhi! I think it is great if we can laugh at ourselves,” says Malik. He adds that he met Pir on his show the morning after the video was uploaded to YouTube and asked if his video had landed him into trouble, to which Pir replied that it had not. “I love the dancing and the little details like the naara (drawstring) — fantastic!”

Pir holds a Bachelor’s degree in Media Sciences, and though film-making is his priority, “Waderai Ka Beta” was recorded to mock singers who fear to try something new. “I did this in rebellion against conventional thinking. If something is good and if it comes from an honest source, it will work out no matter how unconventional it is,” the young comedian states.

Some have raised questions about the negative portrayal of the Sindhi community; the term ‘saaen’ — which is used repeatedly in the song — is being considered a pun on senior politicians. But Pir says that the song’s only purpose is to make people laugh. “First of all, I am a Sindhi who hails from Dadu, so criticising Sindhis would mean I’m making fun of myself,” quips Pir. “Some people are trying to give it a deliberate political angle which it isn’t supposed to have,” adds Pir. “If it makes you laugh, then I have done my job as a comedian.”

After his video became an online sensation, Pir’s band, the Vital Saeens (a tribute to Vital Signs with a Sindhi touch), is all set for some viral videos. Pir says he may even make it his primary focus. The rapper adds that he is overwhelmed by the response his video has received, as people from Slovakia and Singapore have appreciated it and local celebrities have shared the video link on Twitter.

When asked how he is dealing with thenewfound fame, Pir says, “I’m just enjoying the hilarious comments I’m getting on my song. I like how some people think that I’m actually a waderai ka beta and that this song actually talks about my life.”

English translation of lyrics

Akbar Jatoi Jalbani is my name

Driving a Pajero and chilling is my dream

I'm so rich I can fart out money

I'll show you now (fart) see?!

A gold Rado watch and my black suit is starched

Girls look at me and say "Ooh la la"

Hair all set, with oil in it

Compared to my moustache, yours has failed

The cool boys always want to hate me

Cause I get all the cute girls

Girl, I will make you the princess of Dadu (my village)

Verssis (Versace) shoes and Armaanri (Armani) sweater


A feudal lord’s son, a feudal lord’s son

I am

a feudal lord’s, a feudal lord’s


High five! Your *** is black

All my results from nursery to grade 10 are fake

I have a different way to impress the ladies

"Come over here I'll show you a real man"

My dad wants me to become a parliamentary minister

But I want Sharmeela's younger sister

I have lots of power and control

"Dad can I get my allowance today?"

I have 10 bodyguards who are always ready

Will put a false case on you and put you in prison

Once you’re in jail, you will yell out "NOOO!"

Boy, Saeen (master/sir) is Saeen but even Saeen's dogs a saeen


Feudal's son, feudal's son

I am

Feudal's son, feudals son


Saeen (master/sir) is Saeen

Even his clothes are saeen


Saeen (master/sir) is Saeen

Even his car's a saeen


Saeen (master/sir) is Saeen

Even his smokes are saeen


Saeen (master/sir) is Saeen

Even his friends are saeen


Saeen (master/sir) is Saeen

Even Vital Saeens is saeen


Saeen (master/sir) is Saeen

Even his girlfriends a saeen


I swear, its very hot. Somebody get me one glass of lassi (dairy drink), so my heart can cool off (sigh).


Published in The Express Tribune, June 19th, 2012.


hafsa afreen | 10 years ago | Reply

it is really a nice song ,,,,,its about h0w we are in 0ur daily life specially n0n educated people like waderas ..i impressed with it ,really nyc w0rk ali ,l0ve this s0ng muuuaaaahhhwwww sweet saeen

Sammar | 10 years ago | Reply

So damn funny n so close to reality..lol remind me of someone i knew in real life..hilarious! :-D u rock man!

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