Drone strike kills four in North Waziristan

Drone fired two missil­es on the first floor of a shop in the main market of Mirans­hah.

Our Correspondent June 14, 2012

MIRANSHAH: Four militants were killed as a result of a United States (US) drone strike in North Waziristan early on Thursday, security officials said.

A drone fired two missiles on a double-storey building in the Razmak Adda area of Miranshah Bazaar at around 3:15am. Four “Punjabi” militants were killed, confirmed an official.

Militants were residing in the upper portion of the building, while the lower portion was a Public Call Office (PCO). “The building, which comprised of two rooms, was razed to the ground as a result of the attack,” the official added.

A local tribesman said that he saw six other shops partially damaged when he visited the vicinity after morning prayers.

“Pieces of human flesh were scattered around the site of the attack,” he added.

Another resident said that his family members woke up when they heard the sound of the missile hitting the building. “I didn’t bother to go outside and see the site, I have nothing to do there,” he said.

He also said it was usual that militants rushed to the sites when a drone attack occurred to collect the bodies and shift them to undisclosed locations.

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Mr. Spectator | 8 years ago | Reply

It's a war, not a robbery. What due process was used when Pakistani military recaptured Swat? Also, where is the proof of massive civilian casulaties always discussed but never documented?

Sexton Blake | 8 years ago | Reply

@Californian: "Due Process" I think you are getting mixed up with blood thirsty groups such as Blackwater, and others, and it is my understanding that they benefit from due process. Oh, and by the way, U.S. forces have killed millions of people over the last ten years, and they benefit from due process. You may also recall that a U.S. army sergeant murdered 16 Afghans recently and it is my understanding that he is receiving due process. You may also recall Mr. Raymond Davis shot two Pakistan men in the back and he received due process. He is now roaming free. U.S. forces recently killed 24 Pakistan soldiers and are receiving due process. I really think due process is in, at least for Americans.

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