Haqqani to challenge report, Ijaz says findings brought forth truth

Speaking the truth was a moral compulsion for me, says Mansoor Ijaz.

Pakistan’s former ambassador to the United States (US) Husain Haqqani said on Tuesday that he will challenge the report of the judicial commission that was probing the Memogate scandal. The report submitted to the Supreme Court stated that Haqqani had authored the confidential memo.

In a series of tweets on the microblogging website Twitter, Haqqani responded to the commission’s report. He said that the commission’s proceedings were one-sided:
One-sided proceedings of Commission that refused to hear me will be challenged by my lawyers.

Commission is not a court and those claiming it has determined guilt or innocence are wrong.

In a statement released, he said "Commission was created as a fact-finding body and not as a trial court so it has no right to pronounce anyone guilty or innocent of any crime."

Haqqani also said that the report aimed to “distract” people’s attention from other issues:
Memo Commission report is bring used to distract attention from other embarrassing issues. Its claims are political, not legal.

He further said that no one had the right to judge his patriotism:
Those who endorsed military dictators & allowed them 2 amend constitution cannot judge my -or anyone else’s-patriotism.

Commission’s report brought forth truth I have been speaking: Ijaz

Pakistani-American businessman Mansoor Ijaz, whose claims stirred the Memogate controversy, said that the Supreme Court’s unveiling of the judicial commission’s report had brought forth the “truth he had been speaking from the day the case started.”

He said, “Speaking the truth was a moral compulsion for me – it brought harm to my family, my business interests and my political relationships.  But the value of the truth I spoke outweighed all of these considerations.”

Asma Jahangir flays commission report

Former Pakistan ambassador to US Hussain Haqqani's counsel Asma Jahangir termed the report of judicial commission on memo scandal as biased and expressed serious reservations on it.

Talking to media persons at Lahore High Court on Tuesday, she also questioned the commission's jurisdiction and that under what law could a Commission declare anyone a traitor.

She was of the view that the commission acted as both complainant and adjudicator. She critiqued that the inquiry report, that it should have been shown to the counsels of the parties involved before being presented before the Supreme Court.

She also questioned another finding of the commission and wondered how the commission could declare Haqqani forced Mansoor Ijaz to write the memo, yet, fail to establish any evidence to this effect.

Replying to a question on whether Haqqani will return to country following SC directions, Jahangir said she had to yet to see the Commission’s report.


Huzaifa | 9 years ago | Reply Hussain Haqqani was one the best and most effective Pakistan ambassadors. He has worked hard to lift up Pakistan image in USA and also to bridge the gap while the relation went in turmoil between the two countries. Good Pakistani citizens have lost the services of a great man. I am sure, at the end this whole episode of Memogate will lead to no where. If Hussain Haqqani had to send a message he could have directly talked to USA heads instead of sending a letter through third person. This memo business looks like a sting operation cooked up by Ijaz in collusion with the deep state to get Haqqani out and finally with the help of biased commission he succeeded but Mansoor Ijaz should not forget that he is a liar and has no moral grounds.
ishrat salim | 9 years ago | Reply This is what one expects when one has " dual national "....HH & Mr Shamsul Wajid UK....who refused to come to pakistan when summoned by Abbtobad commission ( he reported sick )...this bit for those people who supports people with dual national...& now HH will never come to Pakistan...come what may !
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