British gays not interested in marriage law

72 percent believe marriage is "more about love between two people than it is about rearing children.

Ians June 09, 2012

LONDON: Homosexuals in Britain are indifferent to Prime Minister David Cameron's campaign for gay marriage, with just over a quarter - 27 percent - saying they would get married if the law permitted it.

There is also deep scepticism about the prime minister's motives about same-sex marriages, the Daily Mail reported.

Half of gays interviewed believe Cameron is doing it only to "make his party look more compassionate rather than because of his convictions".

The findings were from an online ComRes poll of 541 adults who described themselves as gay, lesbian or bisexual.

More than a quarter - 26 percent - believe there is no need to change the law on marriage because civil partnerships give couples the same rights.

And 72 percent believe marriage is "more about love between two people than it is about rearing children.

Austen Ivereigh, director of media advocacy group Catholic Voices, which commissioned the poll, said: "We asked ComRes to carry out this important survey because we knew many gay people were unhappy with the government's plan to redefine marriage."

"Gay people do not regard same-sex marriage as a priority, and show no more enthusiasm for it than for civil partnerships, which give the same legal advantages," he said.

Colin Hart of the Coalition for Marriage, said the poll confirmed that only a handful of people are pushing the government to redefine marriage.

"Even within the gay community, there is no majority who thinks that this is a priority," he said.

More than 543,000 people have signed a petition by the Coalition for Marriage which opposes any redefinition of marriage.


Jason | 10 years ago | Reply

This is nonsense, the figures do not suggest gay people dont want equality. Survey after survey has shown we do want equality! Two people who are in love should be able to show their commitment through marrige regardless of gender. Civil partnerships are no longer wanted. Why have a separate system for gay people? It we had a seperate system for black or Asian or left handed people there would be outrage. Marrige is between two people that love one another, this articles spin is just right wing propaganda & probably written by someone suffering from the ignorance of religion. It's going to happen whether you like it or not!

Paul Clevett | 10 years ago | Reply

I am a British gay man. (who is a Christian).

The comres study is completely invalid.

It is conducted of apparently only 748 people. Not a big enough sample and where on earth did they find them. These people were ALL CATHOLICS who are ORDERED by the catholic church to oppose marriage. So actually 27% is pretty high. In the UK the catholics had a letter read out in every church telling catholics to oppose gay marriage.

It was commissioned i.e. paid for by an organisation AGAINST GAY MARRIAGE. That's like saying "I want to find that gay people like pink", Ok, how much pink? or 70%.

Gay people do care actually. We have been abused, bullied, laughed at, tortured, sent to concentration camps, thrown out of churches, in america sent to physiatric hospitals where they even performed experiments like frontal lobotomies on us. to name but a few of the injustices.

In short. These people simply want to prove something that they know is not true. The statistics are frankly, a lie.

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