18-year-old student commits suicide in Islamabad

This is the fourth incident of students committing suicide in four days.

Web Desk May 30, 2012

ISLAMABAD: In the fourth such incident in four days, a teenager in Islamabad committed suicide after being scolded by his father, Express News reported on Wednesday.

Eighteen-year-old Khursheed, a resident of the Sohan area, was a student at the Islamabad Model College for Boys, the police said. Khursheed had apparently refused to take some entry tests, on which his father had scolded him.

Feeling dejected, the teenager locked himself up in a room and shot himself in the head with his father’s pistol.

Khursheed’s body has been shifted to a hospital, but his family have refused to have a postmortem done.

In a similar incident on Sunday, 17-year-old Shan from Gharibabad swallowed poison after his parents stopped him from spending time with his friends, while a seventh grader in Abbottabad also ended his life on being forced to return to his hostel, where he was allegedly tortured by the staff.

Another 13-year-old Karachi student committed suicide out of fear of his parents as he perhaps failed at school.


maryam naz | 10 years ago | Reply

ASSALAMO ALAIKUM to all of you I'm maryam and I'm sociologist according to me in general its happening because off 1-alienation 2-emotionality 3-alot of pressure from school and parents 4-rais deprassion during enter in tumultuous adolescent year 2-generation gap parents totally doesn't understand their child behavior and we don't face and accept failure we take it as ego and shameful thing that's why suicide is becoming routine and also media is most responsible for increasing rate of suicide To solve it we have to study our culture. be positive accept failures parents and school staff must not forced children to do anything rather they have to look his own interest and enhance his/her talent understand medically changes during specific age thanks.

Amtal Mateen | 10 years ago | Reply

no one cares. because they are far to busy destroying mosques and other worship places. why would they bother huh!!

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